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Jeopardy   Meaning in Urdu

1. Jeopardy - Endangerment - Hazard - Peril - Risk : خطرہ - ڈر : (noun) a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune.

Health Hazard - hazard to the health of those exposed to it.

Useful Words

Danger : خطرہ : the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury. "You are in no danger"

Loss : نقصان : something that is lost. "What is your loss?"

Bad Luck - Misfortune : بد قسمتی : unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event.

Possibility - Possibleness : امکان : capability of existing or happening or being true. "There is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired"

Beginning - Origin - Root - Rootage - Source : وہ جگہ جہاں سے کوئی چیز شروع ہو : the place where something begins, where it springs into being. "The Italian beginning of the Renaissance"

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