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Johnny Cake meaning in Urdu

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Johnny Cake Definitions

1) Johnny Cake, Johnnycake, Journey Cake : جانی کیک : (noun) cornbread usually cooked pancake-style on a griddle (chiefly New England).


Useful Words

Crumpet : ایک قسم کا موٹا اور نرم کیک , Battercake : پراٹھہ , Baker : نانبائی , Bread-Bin : روٹی یا کیک رکھنے والا ڈبہ , Crumb : ڈبل روٹی کا چورا , Cupcake : چھوٹا کیک , Baba : ایک قسم کا اسپنج کیک شیرے میں ڈبویا ہوا , Wafer : ایک چھوٹا خستہ کیک , Ladyfinger : ایک قسم کا کیک , Brownie : چاکلیٹ کیک کا حصہ , Coconut Cake : کھوپرے کا کیک , Honey Cake : شہد والا کیک , Birthday Cake : پیدائش کی خوشی کا کیک , Yeast Cake : خمیری کیک , Oatcake : جئی کا کیک , Twinkie : ایک قسم کا کیک , Fruitcake : میٹھا کیک , Sponge Cake : ہلکے میٹھے کا ایک کیک , Beefburger : ہیمبرگر , Friedcake : ایک قسم کا کیک , Bitter Almond Oil : بادام کا تیل , Hoecake : بیلچے پر پکا کیک , Fried Egg : تلے ہوئے انڈے , Hush Puppy : گلگلے , Griddle : اوون میں پکانا , Crape : باریک کیک , Corn Cake : توے یا اوون میں پکا ہوا کیک , Egg Roll : انڈے والا رول , British Capital : لندن , Excursion : تفریحی سفر کرنا , Passage : بحری سفر

Useful Words Definitions

Crumpet: a thick soft cake with a porous texture; cooked on a griddle.

Battercake: a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle.

Baker: someone who bakes bread or cake.

Bread-Bin: a container used to keep bread or cake in.

Crumb: small piece of e.g. bread or cake.

Cupcake: small cake baked in a muffin tin.

Baba: a small cake leavened with yeast.

Wafer: a small thin crisp cake or cookie.

Ladyfinger: small finger-shaped sponge cake.

Brownie: square or bar of very rich chocolate cake usually with nuts.

Coconut Cake: cake containing shredded coconut in batter and frosting.

Honey Cake: a spicy cake partially sweetened with honey.

Birthday Cake: decorated cake served at a birthday party.

Yeast Cake: small cake of compressed moist yeast.

Oatcake: thin flat unleavened cake of baked oatmeal.

Twinkie: a small sponge cake with a synthetic cream filling.

Fruitcake: a rich cake containing dried fruit and nuts and citrus peel and so on.

Sponge Cake: a light porous cake made with eggs and flour and sugar without shortening.

Beefburger: a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients.

Friedcake: small cake in the form of a ring or twist or ball or strip fried in deep fat.

Bitter Almond Oil: pale yellow essential oil obtained from bitter almonds by distillation from almond cake or meal.

Hoecake: thin usually unleavened johnnycake made of cornmeal; originally baked on the blade of a hoe over an open fire (southern).

Fried Egg: eggs cooked by sauteing in oil or butter; sometimes turned and cooked on both sides.

Hush Puppy: deep-fried cornbread ball (southern).

Griddle: cook on a griddle.

Crape: small very thin pancake.

Corn Cake: baked in a pan or on a griddle (southern and midland).

Egg Roll: minced vegetables and meat wrapped in a pancake and fried.

British Capital: the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center.

Excursion: a journey taken for pleasure.

Passage: a journey usually by ship.

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