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Judgement meaning in Urdu

Judgement Synonyms


Judgement Definitions

1 of 6) Judgement, Judgment, Mind : رائے : (noun) an opinion formed by judging something.

2 of 6) Judgement, Judging, Judgment : فیصلہ سازی : (noun) the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions.

3 of 6) Judgement, Discernment, Judgment, Sagaciousness, Sagacity : سمجھ, فہم, فراست : (noun) the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations.

4 of 6) Judgement, Judgment, Perspicacity, Sound Judgement, Sound Judgment : بہتر حل نکالنے کی صلاحیت : (noun) the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions.

5 of 6) Judgement, Judgment, Judicial Decision : عدالتی فیصلہ : (noun) (law) the determination by a court of competent jurisdiction on matters submitted to it.

6 of 6) Judgement, Assessment, Judgment : فیصلہ : (noun) the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event.

Useful Words

Discernment : عقلمندی سے فیصلہ کرنے کی صلاحیت , Eyes : رائے , Misguided : غلط , Correct : سچا , Wrongheaded : غلط , Conclusion : ارادہ , Consensus : اتفاق , Apparent : صاف , Parti Pris : ظن , Adjudication : عدالتی فیصلہ , Affirmation : عدالت عالیہ کی توثیق , Coil : چکر , Accede : تسلیم کرنا , Accord : موافقت , Agreed : متفقہ , Derogative : توہین آمیز , Dissent : اختلاف راۓ ہونا , Bring Around : قائل کرلینا , Commend : تعریف کرنا , Undivided : نہ ٹوٹا ہوا , Harmoniousness : مطابقت , Con : برائی , Egotism : خود پسندی , Agitate : اشتعال دلانا , Belittle : نفی کرنا , Come Around : مان لینا , Hold Firm : قائم رہنا , Approval : تعریف , Delusion : غلط عقیدہ , Canvasser : رائے شماری کرنے والا , Intolerant : ناروا دار

Useful Words Definitions

Discernment: the trait of judging wisely and objectively.

Eyes: opinion or judgment.

Misguided: wrong in e.g. opinion or judgment.

Correct: correct in opinion or judgment.

Wrongheaded: obstinately perverse in judgment or opinion.

Conclusion: a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration.

Consensus: agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole.

Apparent: clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment.

Parti Pris: an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence.

Adjudication: the final judgment in a legal proceeding; the act of pronouncing judgment based on the evidence presented.

Affirmation: a judgment by a higher court that the judgment of a lower court was correct and should stand.

Coil: a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals).

Accede: yield to another`s wish or opinion.

Accord: concurrence of opinion.

Agreed: united by being of the same opinion.

Derogative: expressive of low opinion.

Dissent: a difference of opinion.

Bring Around: cause to adopt an opinion or course of action.

Commend: express a good opinion of.

Undivided: not parted by conflict of opinion.

Harmoniousness: compatibility in opinion and action.

Con: in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.

Egotism: an exaggerated opinion of your own importance.

Agitate: try to stir up public opinion.

Belittle: express a negative opinion of.

Come Around: change one`s position or opinion.

Hold Firm: refuse to abandon one`s opinion or belief.

Approval: a message expressing a favorable opinion.

Delusion: a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea.

Canvasser: someone who conducts surveys of public opinion.

Intolerant: unwilling to tolerate difference of opinion.

Related Words

Act : کام , Estimate : اندازہ , Trait : خاصیت , Common Sense : سمجھ , Judiciousness : اچھا فیصلہ کرنا , Circumspection : چوکسی , Indiscreetness : ناسمجھی , Sapience : حکمت , Prejudgement : قبل از وقت فیصلہ , Opinion : خیال

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