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کامیابی : Kamiyabi Meaning in English

Kamiyabi Sentences

Kamiyabi Synonyms


Kamiyabi in Detail

1 of 4) کامیابی جیت : Triumph Victory : (noun) a successful ending of a struggle or contest.

2 of 4) کامیابی : Success : (noun) an attainment that is successful.

3 of 4) کامیابی : Pass Passing Qualifying : (noun) success in satisfying a test or requirement.

4 of 4) کامیابی : Bang Hit Smash Smasher Strike : (noun) a conspicuous success.

Useful Words

جھگڑنا : Contend : to make the subject of dispute, contention, or litigation. "They contested the outcome of the race".

خاتمہ : Conclusion : the act of ending something. "The termination of the agreement".

جدوجہد : Battle : an energetic attempt to achieve something. "If you like this girl, keep struggling One day you will get her".

کامیاب : Successful : having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome. "Bill Gates was expelled from college and later invested Microsoft and became the founder of it and today he is known as a successful businessman".

بَھتّہ خور