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Passing 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Passing Sentences

A passing glance.
Thousands mourned his passing.

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2 of 5 : انتہائی Intehai : Exceedingly Extremely Super Passing : (adverb) to an extreme degree.

3 of 5 : وصال Wasal انتقال Intiqal : Departure Exit Expiration Going Loss Release Passing : (noun) euphemistic expressions for death.

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4 of 5 : برائے نام Baray Naam سرسری Sarsari لاپروا Laparwa : Casual Cursory Perfunctory Passing : hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough.

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5 of 5 : کامیابی Kamiyabi : Pass Qualifying Passing : (noun) success in satisfying a test or requirement.

His future depended on his passing that test.

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Useful Words

Degree Grade Level : سطح Satha : a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality. "A moderate grade of intelligence"

Extreme Utmost Uttermost : نہایت Nihayat : of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity. "Extreme cold"

Lasting Permanent : مستحکم Mustehkam : continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place. "Nothing is permanent, everything will be perished"

Abruptly Dead Short Suddenly : اچانک Achanak : quickly and without warning. "He stopped suddenly"

Time : وقت Waqt : a period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something. "What time do you get off of work?"

Rattling Real Really Very : بہت زیادہ Bohat Zyada : used as intensifiers; `real` is sometimes used informally for `really`; `rattling` is informal. "He played a very well game"

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