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کمزوری : Kamzuri Meaning in English


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1 of 11. Weakness : کمزوری Kamzuri چاہت Chahat : (noun) a penchant for something even though it might not be good for you.

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2 of 11. Pusillanimity Pusillanimousness : کمزوری Kamzuri بزدل Buzdil : (noun) contemptible fearfulness.

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3 of 11. Boniness Bonyness Emaciation Gauntness Maceration : کمزوری Kamzuri لاغری Laghari دبلاپا Dublapa : (noun) extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease).

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4 of 11. Adynamia : کمزوری Kamzuri : (noun) lack of strength or vigor (especially from illness).

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8 of 11. Attenuation Fading : تخفیف Takhfeef کمزوری Kamzuri : (noun) weakening in force or intensity.

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9 of 11. Debility Feebleness Frailness Frailty Infirmity Valetudinarianism : کمزوری Kamzuri ضعف Zoof : (noun) the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old age).

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10 of 11. Asthenia Astheny : کمزوری Kamzuri نقاہت Naqahat : (noun) an abnormal loss of strength.

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11 of 11. Cachexia Cachexy Wasting : کمزوری Kamzuri جسمانی قوت میں کمی لانے والی Jismani Quwat Mein Kami Lany Wali : (noun) any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease.

Related : Valetudinarianism

Useful Words

Tijarati Asiya : Good : articles of commerce.

Umda Acha : Good : moral excellence or admirableness. "There is much good to be found in people"

Taaqat : Might : physical strength. "Might is right"

Bhala Acha Hona Acha : Good : that which is pleasing or valuable or useful. "Weigh the good against the bad"

Faida : Good : benefit. "For your own good"