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کئی طرح کا : Kayee Tarha Ka Meaning in English

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1) کئی طرح کا : Assorted Miscellaneous Mixed Motley Sundry : (satellite adjective) consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds.

Related : Heterogenous : consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature.


Useful Words

مختلف سمت میں بکھیرنا : Scatter, Spread : a haphazard distribution in all directions.

جانچ : Sampler : an assortment of various samples. "A candy sampler".

بےکار چیزوں کا مرکب : Farrago, Gallimaufry, Hodgepodge, Hotchpotch, Melange, Mingle-Mangle, Mishmash, Oddments, Odds And Ends, Omnium-Gatherum, Ragbag : a motley assortment of things. "Its a mingle-mangle of old stones of inconsistent patterns".

متفرق : Conglomerate : composed of heterogeneous elements gathered into a mass. "The conglomerate peoples of New England".

ہمہ نوعی : Omnifarious : of all varieties or forms or kinds. "Omnifarious reading".

ہر قسم کی چیز کھانے والا آدمی : Omnivore : a person who eats all kinds of foods.

دو پر تقسیم کرنا : Dichotomise, Dichotomize : divide into two opposing groups or kinds.

رسولی پیدا کرنے والا وائرس : Polyoma, Polyoma Virus : a virus the can initiate various kinds of tumors in mice.

بھل رس : Zombi, Zombie : several kinds of rum with fruit juice and usually apricot liqueur.

مختلف : Assorted, Various : of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity. "Assorted sizes".

شعاع نگاری : Radiography : photography that uses other kinds of radiation than visible light.

چھوٹی میز : Stand : a small table for holding articles of various kinds. "A bedside stand".

ویگن گاڑی : Waggon, Wagon : any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor.

فضلہ کھانا : Coprophagia, Coprophagy : eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity.

ہم باشی : Commensalism : the relation between two different kinds of organisms when one receives benefits from the other without damaging it.

دودھ بیماری : Milk Sickness, Trembles : disease of livestock and especially cattle poisoned by eating certain kinds of snakeroot.

تشبیہہ : Simile : a figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with `like' or `as').

پھپہوندی : Mold, Mould : a fungus that produces a superficial growth on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter.

طفیلیت : Parasitism : the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage).

برف دار : Icy : covered with or containing or consisting of ice. "Icy northern waters".

جڑواں : Conjoined, Conjoint : consisting of two or more associated entities. "The interplay of these conjoined yet opposed factors".

یک نوعی : Monotypic : consisting of only one type.

چکناہٹ : Greasiness, Oiliness, Oleaginousness : consisting of or covered with oil.

کئی خلیوں والا : Multicellular : consisting of many cells. "Multicellular organisms".

پسا ہوا : Fine-Grained, Powdered, Powdery, Pulverised, Pulverized, Small-Grained : consisting of fine particles. "Powdered cellulose".

تصویر نویسی سے متعلق : Pictographic : consisting of or characterized by the use of pictographs. "A pictographic script".

تصویر کے متعلق : Pictorial, Pictural : pertaining to or consisting of pictures. "Pictorial perspective".

انتہائی : Climactic : consisting of or causing a climax. "A climactic development".

خام تیل : Crude, Crude Oil, Fossil Oil, Oil, Petroleum, Rock Oil : a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons.

رواجی : Traditional : consisting of or derived from tradition. "Traditional history".

پانی سے متعلق : Aquatic : relating to or consisting of or being in water. "An aquatic environment".

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