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کھلاڑی : Khilaari Meaning in English

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1 of 5) کھلاڑی کھلنڈرا : Coltish Frolicky Frolicsome Rollicking Sportive : (satellite adjective) given to merry frolicking.

Related : Playful : full of fun and high spirits.


2 of 5) کھلاڑی : Athlete Jock : (noun) a person trained to compete in sports.

Related : Contestant : a person who participates in competitions. Acrobat : an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination. Amateur : an athlete who does not play for pay.

3 of 5) کھلاڑی : Sport Sportsman Sportswoman : (noun) someone who engages in sports.

Related : Jock : a person trained to compete in sports.

4 of 5) کھلاڑی : Participant Player : (noun) a person who participates in or is skilled at some game.

Related : Contestant : a person who participates in competitions. Baseball Player : an athlete who plays baseball. Linksman : someone who plays the game of golf.

5 of 5) فیلڈر کھلاڑی : Fielder Fieldsman : (noun) a member of the cricket team that is fielding rather than batting.

Related : Cricketer : an athlete who plays cricket.

Useful Words

کھیل سے متعلق : Sportive : relating to or interested in sports.

کھلنڈرے پن سے : Sportively : in a merry sportive manner.

زندہ دلی : Gaiety, Playfulness : a festive merry feeling.

مسخراپن : Humorousness, Jocoseness, Jocosity, Merriness : the trait of merry joking.

خر مستیاں : Conviviality, Jollification, Merrymaking : a boisterous celebration; a merry festivity. "Party was so jollification".

شعبدہ بازی : Acrobatics, Tumbling : the gymnastic moves of an acrobat. "Acrobatics practice class".

شعبدہ : Acrobatic Feat, Acrobatic Stunt : a stunt performed by an acrobat.

وہ شخص جو اپنے جسم کو غیر معمولی طور پر موڑسکے : Contortionist : an acrobat able to twist into unusual positions.

توازن برقرار رکھنے والا : Balancer : an acrobat who balances himself in difficult positions.

ہوائی قلاباز : Aerialist : an acrobat who performs in the air (as on a rope or trapeze).

کرتب دکھانے والا : Funambulist, Tightrope Walker : an acrobat who performs on a tightrope or slack rope. "Funambulist boys".

رسن باز : Ropedancer, Ropewalker : an acrobat who performs on a rope stretched at some height above the ground.

اچھل کود : Caper, Capriole : a playful leap or hop.

کھیل کے طور پر : Playfully : in a playful manner. "She loosened the half-hoop of diamonds on her left hand third finger and held it out to him playfully".

وہ کام جس میں کامیابی کی امید بہت کم ہو قمار بازی : Long Shot : a contestant that is unlikely to win.

شرارتی : Arch, Impish, Implike, Mischievous, Pixilated, Prankish, Puckish, Wicked : naughtily or annoyingly playful. "Teasing and worrying with impish laughter".

چلبلا : Frisky, Kittenish : playful like a lively kitten. "Baby, you`re so frisky".

شرارت سے : Devilish, Rascally, Roguish : playful in an appealingly bold way. "A roguish grin".

حریف : Opponent, Opposite, Opposition : a contestant that you are matched against.

دھوکہ کھانا : Hoax, Play A Joke On, Pull Someone's Leg : subject to a playful hoax or joke. "Elton John hoaxed by pranksters pretending to be Putin".

شرمیلا : Coy, Demure, Overmodest : affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way. "Demure little child".

مکاری سے : Archly : in_an_arch_manner; with playful slyness or roguishness.

حریف : Challenger, Competition, Competitor, Contender, Rival : the contestant you hope to defeat. "He had respect for his rivals".

ہارنے والا : Also-Ran, Loser : a contestant who loses the contest. "The losers can go home and the winners come on stage".

جیتنے والا : Victor, Winner : the contestant who wins the contest.

خیالی مخلوق : Faerie, Faery, Fairy, Fay, Sprite : a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers.

اختتام تک پنہچنے والا : Finalist : a contestant who reaches the final stages of a competition.

ڈاماڈول : Coy : showing marked and often playful or irritating evasiveness or reluctance to make a definite or committing statement. "A politician coy about his intentions".

شراب پی کر مستیاں کرنا : Bender, Booze-Up, Carousal, Carouse, Toot : revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party.

مقابلے میں حصہ لینا : Compete, Contend, Vie : compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others.

مفروضہ : Given, Precondition, Presumption : an assumption that is taken for granted.

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