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1/2) Hissa Dar حصہ دار Shirkat Karnay Wala شرکت کرنے والا : Participant : (noun) someone who takes part in an activity.

Related : Meeter : a person who is present and participates in a meeting.


2/2) Khilaari کھلاڑی : Player Participant : (noun) a person who participates in or is skilled at some game.

Related : Contestant : a person who participates in competitions.

Useful Words

Action Activeness Activity : Aamaliyat عاملیت : the state of being active. "Avoid bad activities"

Game : Khail کھیل : a contest with rules to determine a winner. "You need four people to play this game"

Part Partially Partly : Janib Daranha جانب دارانہ : in part; in some degree; not wholly. "I felt partly to blame"

Participate Take Part : Hissa Lena حصہ لینا : share in something.

Individual Mortal Person Somebody Someone Soul : Insaan انسان : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration"

Skilled : Mahir ماہر : having or showing or requiring special skill. "Only the most skilled gymnasts make an Olympic team"

Some : Thora تھوڑا : relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent. "May I have some words with you?"

Conduct Direct Guide Lead Take : Kisi Ko Kisi Jaga Lay Jana کسی کو کسی جگہ لے جانا : take somebody somewhere. "His long sit-in led him to become prime minister"

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