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Khirmaqadm : خیرمقدم

1. Hail : خیرمقدم : (noun) enthusiastic greeting.

2. Hand : خیرمقدم : (noun) a round of applause to signify approval.

Manzoori : Approval : the formal act of approving. "He gave the project his blessing"

Kursi Ka Paya, Danda : Round : a crosspiece between the legs of a chair.

Salam : Greeting : (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting). "Pay my salutation to them"

Tareef : Approval : a message expressing a favorable opinion. "Words of approval seldom passed his lips"

Tali Baja Kar S..., Tali Bajane Ka ... : Applause : a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together.

Bari Bari Gana : Round : a partsong in which voices follow each other; one voice starts and others join in one after another until all are singing different parts of the song at the same time. "They enjoyed singing rounds"

Pasandedgi : Approval : a feeling of liking something or someone good. "Although she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval"

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