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خَوف : Khof Meaning in English

Khof Synonyms


Khof in Detail

1 of 8) خوف ڈر خطرہ : Endangerment Hazard Jeopardy Peril Risk : (noun) a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune.

2 of 8) فکر مندی خوف : Apprehension Apprehensiveness Dread : (noun) fearful expectation or anticipation.

3 of 8) خوف ڈر ہیبت : Fear Fearfulness Fright : (noun) an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight).

4 of 8) خبط خوف خوف کا مرض : Phobia Phobic Disorder Phobic Neurosis : (noun) an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations.

5 of 8) ڈر خوف : Witch's Brew Witches' Brew Witches' Broth : (noun) a fearsome mixture.

6 of 8) خوف دہشت : Horror : (noun) intense and profound fear.

7 of 8) لرزش بے چینی خوف : Trepidation : (noun) a feeling of alarm or dread.

8 of 8) خوف خدشہ فکرمندی : Care Concern Fear : (noun) an anxious feeling.

Useful Words

امید : Anticipation : anticipating with confidence of fulfillment. "He waited with great anticipation for wedding to arrive".

خطرہ : Danger : the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury. "Old building is in danger".

توقع : Expectation : belief about (or mental picture of) the future.

خوفزدہ : Fearful : experiencing or showing fear. "A fearful glance".

نقصان : Loss : something that is lost. "What is your loss?".

زوال : Bad Luck : unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event. "The guy has been facing misfortune since ages, firstly he lost the job then his parents died".

امکان : Possibility : capability of existing or happening or being true. "There is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired".

وہ جگہ جہاں سے کوئی چیز شروع ہو : Beginning : the place where something begins, where it springs into being. "The Italian beginning of the Renaissance".

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