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1 of 7) Fear : ڈرنا : (verb) be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event.

I don`t even fear your father.
He who doesn`t fear God, fears everyone.+ More

2 of 7) Fear, Fearfulness, Fright : خوف, ڈر, ہیبت : (noun) an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight).

3 of 7) Fear, Care, Concern : خوف, خدشہ, فکرمندی : (noun) an anxious feeling.

They hushed it up out of fear of public reaction.

4 of 7) Fear, Dread : ڈرنا, خوفزدہ ہونا : (verb) be afraid or scared of; be frightened of.

I fear the winters in Moscow.
We should not fear the Communists!

5 of 7) Fear, Awe, Reverence, Veneration : لحاظ, ادب, احترام : (noun) a feeling of profound respect for someone or something.

The fear of God.

6 of 7) Fear : فکرمند ہونا : (verb) be uneasy or apprehensive about.

I fear the results of the final exams.

7 of 7) Fear, Revere, Reverence, Venerate : ادب کرنا, احترام کرنا : (verb) regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of.

Fear God as your father.

Useful Words

Agoraphobia : کھلی جگہ کا خوف , Timidity : بزدلی , Probability : امکان , Intimidation : دہشت , Dauntlessly : بے خوفی سے , Affright : ڈرانا , Bristle : خوف کے باعث کھڑے ہوجانا , Frightening : خوفزدہ کرنے کا عمل , Bravery : نڈر , Daunting : خوف سے گھبرایا ہوا , Hesitater : گھبرانے والا , Androphobia : مردوں سے نفرت , Audacious : نڈر , Blanch : خوف سے سفید پڑ جانا , Ailurophobia : بلی کا ڈر , Cower : خوف زدہ ہونا , Chilling : دہشت پیدا کرنے والا , Boggle : اچھل پڑنا , Shyness : شرم , Afraid : دہشت زدہ , Quaker : کانپنے والا , Horror : خوف , Panic : گھبرانہ , Creeps : خوف کا احساس , Security : تحفظ , Assuasive : تسکین بخش , Fearful : خوفزدہ , Xenophobia : غیر ملکیوں سے نفرت , Zoophobia : خوف حیوانات نفسیاتی بیماری , Apprehensive : خوفزدہ , Awful : خوفناک

Useful Words Definitions

Agoraphobia: a morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place).

Timidity: fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions.

Probability: the quality of being probable; a probable event or the most probable event.

Intimidation: the feeling of being intimidated; being made to feel afraid or timid.

Dauntlessly: without fear.

Affright: cause fear in.

Bristle: rise up as in fear.

Frightening: the act of inspiring with fear.

Bravery: feeling no fear.

Daunting: discouraging through fear.

Hesitater: one who hesitates (usually out of fear).

Androphobia: a morbid fear of men.

Audacious: invulnerable to fear or intimidation.

Blanch: turn pale, as if in fear.

Ailurophobia: a morbid fear of cats.

Cower: show submission or fear.

Chilling: provoking fear terror.

Boggle: startle with amazement or fear.

Shyness: a feeling of fear of embarrassment.

Afraid: filled with fear or apprehension.

Quaker: one who quakes and trembles with (or as with) fear.

Horror: intense and profound fear.

Panic: be overcome by a sudden fear.

Creeps: a feeling of fear and revulsion.

Security: freedom from anxiety or fear.

Assuasive: freeing from fear and anxiety.

Fearful: experiencing or showing fear.

Xenophobia: a fear of foreigners or strangers.

Zoophobia: a morbid fear of animals.

Apprehensive: in fear or dread of possible evil or harm.

Awful: causing fear or dread or terror.

Related Words

Emotion : جذبات , Alarm : خطرے کی اطلاع پر خوف , Chill : لرزش , Affright : دہشت , Stage Fright : حاضرین کو دیکھ کر پیدا ہونے والی گھبراہٹ , Apprehension : فکر مندی , Anxiety : تشویش , Esteem : قدر کرنا , Worship : عبادت کرنا

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