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خود پسند : Khud Pasand Meaning in English

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Khud Pasand in Detail

1 of 2) خود پسند محتاط شخص شیخی خور : Prig Snob Snoot Snot : (noun) a person regarded as arrogant and annoying.

2 of 2) خود پسند خودار : Self-Satisfied Smug : (satellite adjective) marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction.

Useful Words

مغرور : Arrogant , تنگ کرنے والا : Annoying , ناک کا میل : Snot , مغرور : Bigheaded , شخص : Individual , بوڑھا شخص : Golden Ager , شرمیلا شخص : Shrinking Violet , بذات خود : In Person , مصیبت زدہ : Diseased Person , بدنصیب : Unfortunate , لاچار شخص : Abandoned Person , ان پڑھ : Illiterate , مالدار شخص : Have , نوجوان : Spring Chicken , پیشہ ور : Professional , ولی : Angel , بیمہ دار : Insured , بے عقل شخص : Pig , سیاہ فام : Black , مرحوم : Dead Person , ناواقف شخص : Ignoramus , بہت اہم شخصیت : Dignitary , مدہوش : Forgetful Person , اہم شخص : Important Person , بیخواب : Insomniac , ہم سفر : Better Half , مریل : Scrag , غریب : Have-Not , غیر معمولی شخص : Anomaly , معصوم : Inexperienced Person , ایسا شخص جس کا کوئی عزیز موت کی وجہ سے بچھڑ جائے : Bereaved

Useful Words Definitions

Arrogant: having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride.

Annoying: causing irritation or annoyance.

Snot: nasal mucus.

Bigheaded: (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant.

Individual: a human being.

Golden Ager: an elderly person.

Shrinking Violet: someone who shrinks from familiarity with others.

In Person: in the flesh; without involving anyone else.

Diseased Person: a person suffering from an illness.

Unfortunate: a person who suffers misfortune.

Abandoned Person: someone for whom hope has been abandoned.

Illiterate: a person unable to read.

Have: a person who possesses great material wealth.

Spring Chicken: a young person (especially a young man or boy).

Professional: a person engaged in one of the learned professions.

Angel: person of exceptional holiness.

Insured: a person whose interests are protected by an insurance policy; a person who contracts for an insurance policy that indemnifies him against loss of property or life or health etc..

Pig: a coarse obnoxious person.

Black: a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa).

Dead Person: someone who is no longer alive.

Ignoramus: an ignorant person.

Dignitary: an important or influential (and often overbearing) person.

Forgetful Person: a flighty and disorganized person.

Important Person: a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

Insomniac: someone who cannot sleep.

Better Half: a person`s partner in marriage.

Scrag: a person who is unusually thin and scrawny.

Have-Not: a person with few or no possessions.

Anomaly: a person who is unusual.

Inexperienced Person: a person who lacks knowledge of evil.

Bereaved: a person who has suffered the death of someone they loved.

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