Self-Satisfaction Self-Righteously Self-Righteous Self-Respecting Self-Respectful Self-Respect Self-Reproach Self-Renunciation Self-Satisfied Self-Seeker Self-Seeking Self-Serving Self-Stimulation Self-Sufficiency Self-Will Self-Willed Self-Worship Self-Worth Selfish Selfish Person

Self-Satisfied meaning in Urdu

Self-Satisfied Sentence

His self satisfied dignity.

Self-Satisfied Synonyms


Self-Satisfied Definitions

1 of 2) Self-Satisfied, Smug : خود پسند, خودار : (satellite adjective) marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction.

2 of 2) Self-Satisfied, Complacent, Self-Complacent : مطمئن : (satellite adjective) contented to a fault with oneself or one`s actions.

Useful Words

Content : مطمئن ہونا , Unsated : غیر مطمئن , Complacence : اطمینان , Complacently : اطمینان سے , Gratification : اطمینان , Gratify : خوش اور اطمینان بخشنا ہونا , Smirker : بناوٹی طور پر مسکرانے والا , Smugness : خود پسندی , Cocksure : مغرور , Decadent : عیاش , Fanatic : کٹر , Smugly : خود پسند انداز میں , Diabetes : پیشاب میں شکر آنا , Please : مطمئن کرنا , Satisfied : پر اطمینان , Unsatisfactory : غیر اطمینان بخش , Satisfactory : اطمینان بخش , Pride : فخر , Pleasing : اطمینان بخشنا , Enjoyable : پرلطف , Unacceptable : ناقابل قبول , Gratify : مطمئن کرنا , Delectation : مسرت , Full : پیٹ بھرا , Gloat : فخر و ناز سے دیکھنا , Satisfier : اطمینان دلانے والا , Animalism : حیوانیت , Pleased : فخر کرنا , Satisfactoriness : تسلی , Hyperthyroidism : گلھڑ کا مرض , Abuse : غلط استعمال

Useful Words Definitions

Content: satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are.

Unsated: not having been satisfied.

Complacence: the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself.

Complacently: in a self-satisfied manner.

Gratification: state of being gratified or satisfied.

Gratify: make happy or satisfied.

Smirker: a smiler whose smile is offensively self-satisfied.

Smugness: an excessive feeling of self-satisfaction.

Cocksure: marked by excessive confidence.

Decadent: marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay.

Fanatic: marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.

Smugly: in a smug manner.

Diabetes: a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood; any of several metabolic disorders marked by excessive urination and persistent thirst.

Please: give satisfaction.

Satisfied: filled with satisfaction.

Unsatisfactory: not giving satisfaction.

Satisfactory: giving satisfaction.

Pride: satisfaction with your (or another's) achievements.

Pleasing: giving pleasure and satisfaction.

Enjoyable: affording satisfaction or pleasure.

Unacceptable: not adequate to give satisfaction.

Gratify: yield (to); give satisfaction to.

Delectation: a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction.

Full: filled to satisfaction with food or drink.

Gloat: gaze at or think about something with great self-satisfaction, gratification, or joy.

Satisfier: any agent capable of producing satisfaction.

Animalism: preoccupation with satisfaction of physical drives and appetites.

Pleased: feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which you measures your self-worth.

Satisfactoriness: the quality of giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement.

Hyperthyroidism: an overactive thyroid gland; pathologically excessive production of thyroid hormones or the condition resulting from excessive production of thyroid hormones.

Abuse: improper or excessive use.

Close Words

Self : خود شناسی , Self Acceptance : اپنی خوبیوں اور خامیوں کو تسلیم کرنے کی صلاحیت , Self-Abasement : کفارہ , Self-Abnegating : نفس کشانہ , Self-Abnegation : ایثار , Self-Absorbed : اپنی ذات , Self-Absorption : خود مشغولیت , Self-Acting : خود کار , Self-Addressed : خود اپنے پتے پر , Self-Aggrandising : شیخی خورا , Self-Analysis : تجزیہ ذات

Close Words Definitions

Self: your consciousness of your own identity.

Self Acceptance: affirmation or acceptance of self in spite of weaknesses or deficiencies.

Self-Abasement: voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing.

Self-Abnegating: used especially of behavior.

Self-Abnegation: renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others.

Self-Absorbed: absorbed in your own interests or thoughts etc.

Self-Absorption: preoccupation with yourself to the exclusion of everything else.

Self-Acting: designed to activate or move or regulate itself.

Self-Addressed: addressed to yourself.

Self-Aggrandising: exhibiting self-importance.

Self-Analysis: a penetrating examination of your own beliefs and motives.

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