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خوش صوتی : Khush Suti Meaning in English

Khush Suti in Sentence

He fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes.

Khush Suti in Detail

1) خوش صوتی : Euphony Music : (noun) any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds.


Useful Words

ہم آہنگ : Compatible , اچھا : Nice , ہم آہنگی : Concord , قافیہ : Rhyme , الفاظ میں ہم آہنگی : Consonance , امن : Peace , فراخ دل : Accommodating , ہم آہنگی : Consistence , ہم آہنگی : Compatibility , ہم آہنگی : Coordination , مطابق : Accommodate , اچھا : Kindly , موزوں ہونا : Agree , ابتدائی عمدہ دور : Honeymoon , اضافہ : Enhancement , کرم کرنے والا : Genial , لطف اندوز ہونا : Like , توثیقی صلاحیت : Affirmativeness , رضامندی : Agreeability , مسرت : Pleasantry , خوشگواری : Agreeableness , خوش خو بنانا : Sweeten , شائستہ : Bland , دل بہلانا : Amuse , سریلا : Dulcet , خوبصورت : Bonnie , پر لطف طور پر : Pleasingly , حیرت انگیز : Fab , خوبصورتی سے : Aesthetic , لذیذ : Dainty , بھلا : Good

Useful Words Definitions

Compatible: able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination.

Nice: pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance.

Concord: a harmonious state of things in general and of their properties (as of colors and sounds); congruity of parts with one another and with the whole.

Rhyme: correspondence in the sounds of two or more lines (especially final sounds).

Consonance: the property of sounding harmonious.

Peace: harmonious relations; freedom from disputes.

Accommodating: helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation.

Consistence: a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts.

Compatibility: capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination.

Coordination: the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation.

Accommodate: be agreeable or acceptable to.

Kindly: pleasant and agreeable.

Agree: be agreeable or suitable.

Honeymoon: the early (usually calm and harmonious) period of a relationship; business or political.

Enhancement: an improvement that makes something more agreeable.

Genial: agreeable, conducive to comfort.

Like: find enjoyable or agreeable.

Affirmativeness: the agreeable quality of one who assents.

Agreeability: a temperamental disposition to be agreeable.

Pleasantry: an agreeable or amusing remark.

Agreeableness: pleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions.

Sweeten: make sweeter, more pleasant, or more agreeable.

Bland: smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication.

Amuse: occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion.

Dulcet: pleasing to the ear.

Bonnie: very pleasing to the eye.

Pleasingly: in a pleasing manner.

Fab: extremely pleasing.

Aesthetic: aesthetically pleasing.

Dainty: especially pleasing to the taste.

Good: that which is pleasing or valuable or useful.

Close Words

خوش مزاج : Happy , مغالطہ : Fancy , خشک : Dried-Up , خوش آمدید : Welcome , خوش نصیب : Lucky , دلکش : Pretty , خشکی : Dandruff , خوش : Farhan , خوشی سے چیخنا : Whoop , خشک میوا : Nut , خوشامد کرنا : Bootlick

Close Words Definitions

Happy: noticeably happy and optimistic,pleasant..

Fancy: something many people believe that is false.

Dried-Up: (used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture.

Welcome: a greeting or reception.

Lucky: having or bringing good fortune.

Pretty: pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing.

Dandruff: loose scales shed from the scalp.

Farhan: muslim boy name which means mirthful, gay and happy.

Whoop: shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm.

Nut: usually large hard-shelled seed.

Bootlick: try to gain favor by cringing or flattering.

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