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کِسی پر اِلزام لگانا : Kisi Par Ilzam Lagana Meaning in English

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Kisi Par Ilzam Lagana in Detail

1) کسی پر الزام لگانا : Impeach : (verb) challenge the honesty or veracity of.

Related : Challenge : issue a challenge to.

Useful Words

مواخزہ کرنا : Impeach : charge (a public official) with an offense or misdemeanor committed while in office. "The President was impeached".

چیلنج کرنا : Dare, Defy : challenge. "I dare you!".

للکارنا : Challenge : issue a challenge to. "British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan challenged Israeli boxer and knocked him down in his first blow".

بےباکی : Defiance : a hostile challenge.

مقابلہ : Confrontation : a bold challenge.

نمٹنا : Tackle, Take On, Undertake : accept as a challenge. "I will tackle him".

للکارنا : Heckle : challenge aggressively. "He was heckled by a man".

للکارنا : Call Out : challenge to a duel. "Aaron Burr called out Alexander Hamilton".

حفاظت کرنا : Defend, Guard, Hold : protect against a challenge or attack. "Hold that position behind the trees!".

مقابلہ کرنا : Rise : exert oneself to meet a challenge. "Rise to a challenge".

اعتراض کرنا : Call Into Question, Oppugn, Question : challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of. "We must question your judgment in this matter".

بھروسہ کرنا : Believe : credit with veracity. "You cannot believe this man".

صحیح طور پر : Justifiedly, Justly, Rightly : with honesty. "He was rightly considered the greatest singer of his time".

شک : Distrust, Misgiving, Mistrust, Suspicion : doubt about someone`s honesty. "Trend of distrust in police".

درست : Square, Straight : characterized by honesty and fairness. "Straight dealing".

اعتبار : Trust, Trustfulness, Trustingness : the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others. "The experience destroyed his trust and personal dignity".

بد معاشی : Dishonesty, Knavery : lack of honesty; acts of lying or cheating or stealing.

بد عنوانی : Corruption, Corruptness : lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain. "NAB found out about Nawaz Sharif`s corruption so he fled to UK and has not returned yet".

بھروسہ ہونا : Credit : have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of.

تردید کرنا : Challenge, Dispute, Gainsay : take exception to. "She challenged his claims".

ایمانداری : Honestness, Honesty : the quality of being honest. "Honesty is the best policy".

صداقت : Veracity : unwillingness to tell lies.

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