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Kiv meaning in Urdu

Kiv Definitions

1) Kiv : نظر میں رکھو : (acronym) Keep In View.


Useful Words

Seascape : منظر بحری , Entertain : غور کرنا , Concealed : چھپا ہوا , Occult : چھپا لینا , Emerge : ظاہر ہونا , Unfold : نظر میں لانا , Appear : نظر آنا , Glimpse : سرسری طور پر دیکھنا , But Then : دوسرے نقطہ نظر سے , Loom : قریب ہونا , Cover : چھپانا , Topologically : مقامیات کی رو سے , Adequacy : اکتفا , Privy : نجی , Psychically : روحانی طور پر , Financially : مالیاتی حساب سے , Landscape : ارضی منظر , Deem : سمجھنا , Reconsider : دوبارہ زیر غور لانا , Arbitrate : صلح کرانے کا عمل , Reconsider : دوبارہ غور کرنا , Cover : چھپانا , Privacy : تنہائی , Clear : صاف , Disclose : کہولنا , Seeable : دیکھنے کے قابل , Display : نمایش کرنا , Browser : انٹرنیٹ صفحہ کھولنے والا پروگرام , Shade : دہوپ سے بچانا , Demonstration : نمائش , Periscope : حول بین

Useful Words Definitions

Seascape: a view of the sea.

Entertain: take into consideration, have in view.

Concealed: not accessible to view.

Occult: hide from view.

Emerge: come out into view, as from concealment.

Unfold: open to the view.

Appear: come into sight or view.

Glimpse: a brief or incomplete view.

But Then: (contrastive) from another point of view.

Loom: come into view indistinctly, often threateningly.

Cover: hide from view or knowledge.

Topologically: from the point of view of topology.

Adequacy: the quality of being sufficient for the end in view.

Privy: hidden from general view or use.

Psychically: from a psychic point of view.

Financially: from a financial point of view.

Landscape: an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view.

Deem: keep in mind or convey as a conviction or view.

Reconsider: consider again (a bill) that had been voted upon before, with a view to altering it.

Arbitrate: act between parties with a view to reconciling differences.

Reconsider: consider again; give new consideration to; usually with a view to changing.

Cover: the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it.

Privacy: the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others.

Clear: affording free passage or view.

Disclose: disclose to view as by removing a cover.

Seeable: capable of being seen; or open to easy view.

Display: exhibiting openly in public view.

Browser: a program used to view HTML documents.

Shade: protect from light, heat, or view.

Demonstration: a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view.

Periscope: an optical instrument that provides a view of an otherwise obstructed field.

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