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Knock Out meaning in Urdu

Knock Out Sentences

Knock out a target.
The windows were knocked out.

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Knock Out Definitions

1 of 3) Knock Out : ختم کرنا, شکست دینا : (verb) eliminate.

2 of 3) Knock Out, Kayo, Knock Cold : مکا مار کر بےہوش کردینا : (verb) knock unconscious or senseless.

The boxing champion knocked out his opponent in a few seconds.

3 of 3) Knock Out : ٹوٹ جانا, ختم ہونا : (verb) destroy or break forcefully.

Useful Words

Coldcock : مار گرانا , Bump : ٹکرانا , Tapping : کھٹ کھٹ کی آواز , Hockey : برفانی ہاکی , Blue-Pencil : ترمیم کرنا , Wash Away : مٹادینا , Discharge : خارج کرنا , Make : پیشاب کرنا , Deodorise : بدبو رفع کرنا , Egest : کوئی چیز جسم سے نکالنا , Depolarise : تقطیب ربائی کرنا , Sweep Away : پوری طرح سے ختم کر دینا , Liquidate : چکتا کرنا , Recalculation : دوبارہ حساب کتاب کرنے کا عمل , Polaroid : تقطیب نما , Hedge : معاشی استحکام کا طریقہ , Aden-Abyan Islamic Army : یمن کا جنگجو گروہ , Freeze : ٹھنڈا ہونا , Ice-Cold : برف جیسا , Arctic : سرد , Cold-Bloodedly : بے رحمی سے , Shiver : کانپنا , Stone-Cold : نہایت ٹھنڈا , Shivery : کپکپانے والا , Icily : سرد مہری سے , Acold : سردی زدہ , Bleak : سرد , Chill : سردی , Crisp : سخت سرد , Freeze : سردی سے جمناے والا , Coldly : بے رحمی سے

Useful Words Definitions

Coldcock: knock down with force.

Bump: knock against with force or violence.

Tapping: the sound of light blow or knock.

Hockey: a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents` goal with angled sticks.

Blue-Pencil: cut or eliminate.

Wash Away: eliminate.

Discharge: eliminate (a substance).

Make: eliminate urine.

Deodorise: eliminate the odor from.

Egest: eliminate from the body.

Depolarise: eliminate the polarization of.

Sweep Away: eliminate completely and without a trace.

Liquidate: eliminate by paying off (debts).

Recalculation: the act of calculating again (usually to eliminate errors or to include additional data).

Polaroid: (trade mark) a plastic film that can polarize a beam of light; often used in sunglasses to eliminate glare.

Hedge: any technique designed to reduce or eliminate financial risk; for example, taking two positions that will offset each other if prices change.

Aden-Abyan Islamic Army: Yemen-based terrorist group that supports al-Qaeda`s goals; seeks to overthrow the Yemeni government and eliminate United States interests; responsible for bombings and kidnappings and killing western tourists in Yemen.

Freeze: be cold.

Ice-Cold: as cold as ice.

Arctic: extremely cold.

Cold-Bloodedly: in cold blood.

Shiver: shake, as from cold.

Stone-Cold: completely cold.

Shivery: cold enough to cause shivers.

Icily: in a cold and icy manner.

Acold: of persons; feeling cold.

Bleak: unpleasantly cold and damp.

Chill: coldness due to a cold environment.

Crisp: pleasantly cold and invigorating.

Freeze: weather cold enough to cause freezing.

Coldly: in a cold unemotional manner.

Related Words

Remove : نکالنا , Do Away With : ختم کرنا , Beat : مارنا

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