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Lactic Acid meaning in Urdu

Lactic Acid Definitions

1) Lactic Acid : دودھ کا تیزاب : (noun) a clear odorless hygroscopic syrupy carboxylic acid found in sour milk and in many fruits.


Useful Words

Lactobacillus : ایک بڑا گرام مثبت سلاخی جراثیم جو کاربو ہائیڈریٹس کی تخمیر کر کے ایسڈ بناتا ہے , Adipic Acid : نائلون کا ایسڈ , Acrylic Acid : شیشے کا تیزاب , Acid Hydrogen : ہائڈروجن کا تیزاب , Gout : گنٹھیا , Citric Acid : کھٹاس , Acetone Body : خون میں شامل مرکب , Linoleic Acid : چکنائیوں کا تیزاب , Sulfonic Acid : سلفونک تیزاب , Acidification : تیزاب میں تبدیلی , Tartaric Acid : طرطیری تیزاب , Aerobacter Aerogenes : جرثومے , Grewia Asiatica : فالسہ , Acid : تیزابی , Acetic : سرکے والا , Sulfonate : وہ نمک جس میں گندھک کا تیزاب بطور بنیاد استعمال ہو , Perboric Acid : بورک تیزاب کی ایک قسم , Achlorhydric : تیزاب کے بغیر , Perchlorate : برکلوریٹ تیزاب کا ایک نمک , Acetylic : تیزاب سے متعلق , Citric : کھٹاس والا , Urate : یورک ایسڈ کا نمک , Acid : نفسیاتی دوا , Acid-Wash : تیزاب سے دھونا , Xanthate : کیمیا صفوری نمک , Sulfanilic Acid : پانی میں قدرے حل پزیر نیلے سفید رنگ کا قلمی مرکب , Corrode : خراب کرنا , Hibiscus Heterophyllus : ترش پتوں والا درخت , Acidophilic : تیزابیت پسند جرثومہ , Corrode : زنگ زدہ ہونا , Acidophil : تیزابیت پسند

Useful Words Definitions

Lactobacillus: a Gram-positive rod-shaped bacterium that produces lactic acid (especially in milk).

Adipic Acid: a carboxylic acid used in the manufacture of nylon.

Acrylic Acid: an unsaturated liquid carboxylic acid used in the manufacture of acrylic resins.

Acid Hydrogen: a hydrogen atom in an acid that forms a positive ion when the acid dissociates.

Gout: a painful inflammation of the big toe and foot caused by defects in uric acid metabolism resulting in deposits of the acid and its salts in the blood and joints.

Citric Acid: a weak water-soluble acid found in many fruits (especially citrus fruits); used as a flavoring agent.

Acetone Body: a ketone that is an intermediate product of the breakdown of fats in the body; any of three compounds (acetoacetic acid, acetone, and/or beta-hydroxybutyric acid) found in excess in blood and urine of persons with metabolic disorders.

Linoleic Acid: a liquid polyunsaturated fatty acid abundant in plant fats and oils; a fatty acid essential for nutrition; used to make soap.

Sulfonic Acid: an acid derived from sulphuric acid.

Acidification: the process of becoming acid or being converted into an acid.

Tartaric Acid: an acid found in many fruits; used in soft drinks and confectionery and baking powder.

Aerobacter Aerogenes: a species of Gram-negative aerobic bacteria that produce gas and acid from sugars and are sometimes involved in the souring of milk.

Grewia Asiatica: drought-resistant Asiatic treelike shrub bearing pleasantly acid small red edible fruits commonly used in sherbets.

Acid: having the characteristics of an acid.

Acetic: relating to or containing acetic acid.

Sulfonate: a salt of sulphonic acid.

Perboric Acid: a form of boric acid.

Achlorhydric: lacking hydrochloric acid.

Perchlorate: a salt of perchloric acid.

Acetylic: of or related to acetic acid.

Citric: of or related to citric acid.

Urate: a salt of uric acid.

Acid: street name for lysergic acid diethylamide.

Acid-Wash: wash with acid so as to achieve a bleached look.

Xanthate: a salt or ester of xanthic acid.

Sulfanilic Acid: a crystalline acid made from aniline and used as a dye.

Corrode: cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid.

Hibiscus Heterophyllus: Australian tree with acid foliage.

Acidophilic: especially of some bacteria; growing well in an acid medium.

Corrode: become destroyed by water, air, or a corrosive such as an acid.

Acidophil: an organism that thrives in a relatively acid environment.

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