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لمبے سینگوں والا : Lambay Seenghoun Wala Meaning in English

Lambay Seenghoun Wala in Detail

1) لمبے سینگوں والا : Longhorn Texas Longhorn : (noun) long-horned beef cattle formerly common in southwestern United States.


Useful Words

مویشی : Beef , ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا : America , غرب اوسط : Middle West , امریکی ریاست : American Capital , میکسیکو : Mexico , امریکی فضائیہ : Air Force , شمالی امریکہ کا ملک : American Virgin Islands , عدالت عظمی : Supreme Court , ادارہ جاسوسی : Secret Service , ایوان نمائندگان : House Of Representatives , مویشیوں کا باڑہ : Cattle Pen , جانوروں کا باڑہ : Cattle Farm , مویشی چرانے والا : Cattle Thief , گاۓ جنھیں دودھ کے کاروبار کے لیے پالا جاتا ہے : Dairy Cattle , زہریلا خاکی سانپ : Cerastes , نوکیلے کان والا الو : Horned Owl , سینگ والا : Horned , کھوکھلا سینگھ : Hollow-Horned , پیلے سفوفی پھولوں والا پودا : Glaucium Flavum , ویولا پھول : Horned Violet , تالابی گھاس : Horned Pondweed , سینگ والی چھپکلی : Horned Lizard , کالی مرغابی : Anhima Cornuta , ریت کا سانپ : Crotalus Cerastes , ڈائینوسار : Ceratopsian , پفن پرندہ : Fratercula Corniculata , میکسیکو کی مچھلی : Citharichthys Cornutus , گرگٹ : Chamaeleo Oweni , امریکی مچھلی : Ameiurus Melas , ٹڈا : Acridid , شکایت کرنا : Beef

Useful Words Definitions

Beef: cattle that are reared for their meat.

America: North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776.

Middle West: the north central region of the United States (sometimes called the heartland or the breadbasket of America).

American Capital: the capital of the United States in the District of Columbia and a tourist mecca; George Washington commissioned Charles L`Enfant to lay out the city in 1791.

Mexico: a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810.

Air Force: the airforce of the United States of America; the agency that defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.

American Virgin Islands: more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands; a dependent territory of the United States.

Supreme Court: the highest federal court in the United States; has final appellate jurisdiction and has jurisdiction over all other courts in the nation.

Secret Service: the United States intelligence agency that protects current and former presidents and vice presidents and their immediate families and protects distinguished foreign visitors; detects and apprehends counterfeiters; suppresses forgery of government securities and documents.

House Of Representatives: the lower legislative house of the United States Congress.

Cattle Pen: a pen for cattle.

Cattle Farm: farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle).

Cattle Thief: someone who steals livestock (especially cattle).

Dairy Cattle: cattle that are reared for their milk.

Cerastes: highly venomous viper of northern Africa and southwestern Asia having a horny spine above each eye.

Horned Owl: large owls having prominent ear tufts.

Horned: having a horn or horns or hornlike parts or horns of a particular kind.

Hollow-Horned: having horns that are hollow.

Glaucium Flavum: yellow-flowered Eurasian glaucous herb naturalized in along sandy shores in eastern North America.

Horned Violet: European viola with an unusually long corolla spur.

Horned Pondweed: found in still or slow-moving fresh or brackish water; useful to oxygenate cool water ponds and aquaria.

Horned Lizard: insectivorous lizard with hornlike spines on the head and spiny scales on the body; of western North America.

Anhima Cornuta: screamer having a hornlike process projecting from the forehead.

Crotalus Cerastes: small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United States; body moves in an s-shaped curve.

Ceratopsian: any of several four-footed herbivorous dinosaurs with enormous beaked skulls; of the late Cretaceous in North America and Mongolia.

Fratercula Corniculata: northern Pacific puffin.

Citharichthys Cornutus: a whiff found in waters from the Bahamas and northern Gulf of Mexico to Brazil.

Chamaeleo Oweni: a kind of chameleon.

Ameiurus Melas: catfish common in eastern United States.

Acridid: grasshopper with short antennae.

Beef: complain.

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