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Lameness meaning in Urdu

Lameness Sentence

A stylist noted for the lameness of his plots.

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Lameness Definitions

1 of 2) Lameness, Claudication, Gameness, Gimp, Gimpiness, Limping : لنگڑانا, لنگڑا پن : (noun) disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet.

2 of 2) Lameness : ادھورا پن : (noun) an imperfection or defectiveness.

Useful Words

Spavin : گہوڑوں کی بیماری , Intermittent Claudication : وقفہ دار عرج ٹانگوں میں خون کی سپلائی میں خلل کیوجہ سے لنگڑانا , Cripple : لنگڑا , Wading : کم گہرے پانی میں چلنا , Shamble : لڑکھڑاتے ہوۓ چلنا , High Stepper : پاوں اٹھا کر چلنے والا گھوڑا , Crippled : لنگڑا , Tetrapod : چوپایہ , Skate : اسکیٹ , Amputation : جسم کے کسی عضو کو کاٹ دینا , Caregiver : معالج , Admiralty Mile : بحری میل , Industrial Disease : صنعتی مرض , Walk : چہل قدمی , Ambulation : گشت , Manner Of Walking : چلنے کی ادا , Paseo : پیدل چلنے کا راستہ , Afoot : پیدل , Pace : چلنا , Noctambulation : نیند میں چلنے کی حالت , Gait : چال , Plod : مشکل سے چلنے کا عمل , Ambulate : چلنا پھرنا , Flounce : تڑپ کر چلنے کا عمل , Prowl : گشت کرنا , Andante : دھیمی چال , Walkout : کسی جگہ سے احتجاج کے طور پر جانا , Walking Stick : عصا , Hitch : لنگڑانا , Quadruped : چوپایہ جانور , Pedometer : فاصلہ ناپنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Spavin: a swelling of the hock joint of a horse; resulting in lameness.

Intermittent Claudication: lameness due to pain in leg muscles because the blood supply is inadequate; pain subsides with rest.

Cripple: someone who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or disability to the legs or back.

Wading: walking with your feet in shallow water.

Shamble: walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet.

High Stepper: a horse trained to lift its feet high off the ground while walking or trotting.

Crippled: disabled in the feet or legs.

Tetrapod: a vertebrate animal having four feet or legs or leglike appendages.

Skate: sports equipment that is worn on the feet to enable the wearer to glide along and to be propelled by the alternate actions of the legs.

Amputation: a condition of disability resulting from the loss of one or more limbs.

Caregiver: a person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability.

Admiralty Mile: a former British unit of length equivalent to 6,080 feet (1,853.184 meters); 800 feet longer than a statute mile.

Industrial Disease: disease or disability resulting from conditions of employment (usually from long exposure to a noxious substance or from continuous repetition of certain acts).

Walk: the act of walking somewhere.

Ambulation: walking about.

Manner Of Walking: manner of walking.

Paseo: a path set aside for walking.

Afoot: on foot; walking.

Pace: a step in walking or running.

Noctambulation: walking by a person who is asleep.

Gait: a person`s manner of walking.

Plod: the act of walking with a slow heavy gait.

Ambulate: walk about; not be bedridden or incapable of walking.

Flounce: the act of walking with exaggerated jerky motions.

Prowl: the act of prowling (walking about in a stealthy manner).

Andante: a moderately slow tempo (a walking pace).

Walkout: the act of walking out (of a meeting or organization) as a sign of protest.

Walking Stick: a stick carried in the hand for support in walking.

Hitch: the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg.

Quadruped: an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking.

Pedometer: measuring instrument for recording the number of steps taken in walking.

Related Words

Defectiveness : نقص

ہمت ہے تو سامنے آ