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لَعنَت دینا : Lanat Dena Meaning in English

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1) کوسنا لعنت دینا بددعا دینا : Accurse Anathematise Anathematize Anathemise Anathemize Comminate Execrate : (verb) curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment.

Related : Deplore : express strong disapproval of.


Useful Words

بددعا دینے کا عمل : Imprecation, Malediction : the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult). "He suffered the imprecations of the mob".

عذاب الہی کی دھمکی : Commination : a threat of divine punishment or vengeance.

دوزخ : Hell, Infernal Region, Inferno, Nether Region, Perdition, Pit : (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment. "Hurl`d headlongTo bottomless perdition, there to dwell".

اعلان کرنا : Proclaim : declare formally; declare someone to be something; of titles. "He was proclaimed King".

یک فطریت : Monophysitism : a Christian heresy of the 5th and 6th centuries that challenged the orthodox definition of the two natures (human and divine) in Jesus and instead believed there was a single divine nature.

کمینہ : Scoundrel, Villain : a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately. "We should condemn scoundrels of our society".

انتقام : Retaliate, Strike Back : make a counterattack and return like for like, especially evil for evil. "The Empire strikes back".

ملعون : Accursed, Accurst, Maledict : under a curse. "Who is this accursed man ?".

قابل ملامت : Damnable, Execrable : deserving a curse. "Her damnable pride".

لعنتی : Cursed, Curst : deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier. "Villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed".

بد دعا : Anathema : a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication.

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