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Lapidate meaning in Urdu

Lapidate Sentence

Pilgrims lapidate a stone pillar in commemoration of Abraham's temptation.

Lapidate Synonym


Lapidate Definitions

2 of 2) Lapidate : پتھر مارنا : (verb) throw stones at.

Useful Words

Exterminate : ختم کرنا , Hand Ax : چھوٹی کلہاڑی , Hopscotch : پیلدوج , Muller : کوٹنے والا اوزار , Collapse : گرانا , Defenestration : کھڑکی سے باہر پھینکنے کا عمل , Pitch : پھینکنے کا عمل , Juggle : پھیکنا پکڑنا ایک قسم کا کھیل , Snowball : برف گولا , Cast : پھینکنا , Gravelly : کنکری , Quarry : معین پتھر یا ٹائل , Bouldered : پتھریلا , Rockiness : سختی , Lithuresis : پیشاب میں پتھر آنا , Semiprecious : ہیرے اور یاقوت کے مقابلے میں کم قیمت , Extinguish : ہلاک کر دینا , K33l : مارنا , Hoder : اندھا دیوتا , Crannied : دراڑوں والا , Lithiasis : پتھری کا بننا , Lapidarist : جوہر تراشی , Hang : لٹکا کر مارنا , Commit Suicide : خود کشی کرنا , Overlay : اوپر لیٹ کر مار دینا , Shed Blood : قتل و غارت , Saber : خمدار تلوار سے مارنا , Martyr : شہید , Poison : ذہر دیکر مارنا , Harpoon : ایک قسم کا رسی والا نیزہ جو مچھلیاں پکڑنے کے لئے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے , Pave : فرش بندی کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Exterminate: kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many.

Hand Ax: a stone tool with a cutting edge; the stone is held in the hand and used for chopping.

Hopscotch: a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone.

Muller: a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone.

Collapse: the act of throwing yourself down.

Defenestration: the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

Pitch: the action or manner of throwing something.

Juggle: throwing and catching several objects simultaneously.

Snowball: snow pressed into a ball for throwing (playfully).

Cast: the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel.

Gravelly: abounding in small stones.

Quarry: extract (something such as stones) from or as if from a quarry.

Bouldered: abounding in rocks or stones.

Rockiness: the quality of abounding in rocks and stones.

Lithuresis: passing small stones with the urine.

Semiprecious: used of gemstones having less commercial value than precious stones.

Extinguish: put an end to; kill.

K33l: Kill .

Hoder: (Norse mythology) a blind god; misled by Loki, he kills his brother Balder by throwing a shaft of mistletoe.

Crannied: having small chinks or crannies (especially in or between rocks or stones).

Lithiasis: the formation of stones (calculi) in an internal organ.

Lapidarist: an expert on precious stones and the art of cutting and engraving them.

Hang: kill by hanging.

Commit Suicide: kill oneself.

Overlay: kill by lying on.

Shed Blood: kill violently.

Saber: kill with a saber.

Martyr: kill as a martyr.

Poison: kill with poison.

Harpoon: a spear with a shaft and barbed point for throwing; used for catching large fish or whales; a strong line is attached to it.

Pave: a setting with precious stones so closely set that no metal shows.

Related Words

Kill : قتل کر نا , Bombard : گولہ باری کرنا

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