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Law Practice meaning in Urdu

Law Practice Definitions

1) Law Practice : قانون کی مشق : (noun) the practice of law.


Useful Words

Firing Range : فائرنگ سیکھنے کی جگہ , Adopt : اپنانا , Witching : جادو گری کا عمل , Practiced : ماہر , Cooperation : اشتراک , Optometry : بصارت پیمائی , Domestic Science : گھریلو سائنس , Adopt : اختیار کرنا , Injustice : ناانصافی , Custom : رسم , Impracticable : ناقابل عمل , Mistreatment : بد سلوکی , Rite : رسم , Customarily : حسب معمول , Honoring : رسم , Slaveholding : غلاموں کی ملکیت , Calisthenics : ہلکی ورزش , Routinely : عام انداز سے , Scientific : سائنسی , Banditry : ڈاکہ , Tool : اوزار , Medically : طبی طور پر , Fashion : طور طریقہ , Wicked : خبیث , Pillar : ستون , Practical : عملی , Craft : دستکاری , Systematism : نظام سے مطابقت , Extension : توسیع , Custom : رواج , Aeronautics : ہوائی پرواز کا علم

Useful Words Definitions

Firing Range: a practice range for target practice.

Adopt: take up and practice as one's own.

Witching: the use or practice of witchcraft.

Practiced: skillful after much practice.

Cooperation: the practice of cooperating.

Optometry: the practice of an optometrist.

Domestic Science: theory and practice of homemaking.

Adopt: take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own.

Injustice: the practice of being unjust or unfair.

Custom: accepted or habitual practice.

Impracticable: not capable of being carried out or put into practice.

Mistreatment: the practice of treating (someone or something) badly.

Rite: any customary observance or practice.

Customarily: by custom; according to common practice.

Honoring: conformity with law or custom or practice etc.

Slaveholding: the practice of owning slaves.

Calisthenics: the practice of calisthenic exercises.

Routinely: according to routine or established practice.

Scientific: of or relating to the practice of science.

Banditry: the practice of plundering in gangs.

Tool: an implement used in the practice of a vocation.

Medically: involving medical practice.

Fashion: characteristic or habitual practice.

Wicked: morally bad in principle or practice.

Pillar: a fundamental principle or practice.

Practical: concerned with actual use or practice.

Craft: the skilled practice of a practical occupation.

Systematism: the habitual practice of systematization and classification.

Extension: the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions.

Custom: a specific practice of long standing.

Aeronautics: the theory and practice of navigation through air or space.

Related Words

Practice : مشق , Jurisprudence : اصول

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