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لین دین : Leen Deen Meaning in English

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1 of 3) تجارت کاروبار لین دین : Trade : (noun) the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services.

Related : Mercantilism : transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services). Free Trade : international trade free of government interference.


2 of 3) لین دین سودے بازی : Business Deal Deal Trade : (noun) a particular instance of buying or selling.

Related : Transaction : the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities).

3 of 3) لین دین : Commerce : (noun) social exchange, especially of opinions, attitudes, etc.

Related : Conversation : the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc..

Useful Words

توازن تجارت : Balance Of Trade, Trade Balance, Trade Gap, Visible Balance : the difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise. "A nation's balance of trade is favorable when its exports exceed its imports".

آزادانہ تجارت : Free Trade : international trade free of government interference.

گھوڑوں کی لین دین : Horse Trade, Horse Trading : the swapping of horses (accompanied by much bargaining). "Horse Trade Show".

سودے بازی کرنا : Horse-Trade : negotiate with much give and take. "He was horse-trading with me".

کسی چیز کی تجارت کرنا : Merchandise, Trade : engage in the trade of. "He is merchandising telephone sets".

عام فروخت کے لیے کتاب : Trade Book, Trade Edition : a book intended for general readership.

تجارتی اتار چڑھاو : Business Cycle, Trade Cycle : recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline.

منہانی : Trade Discount : a discount from the list price of a commodity allowed by a manufacturer or wholesaler to a merchant.

حکومت کی طرف سے تجارت پر عارضی پابندی : Embargo, Trade Embargo, Trade Stoppage : a government order imposing a trade barrier.

تجارتی اشیاء : Commodity, Good, Trade Good : articles of commerce. "Commodity prices in pakistan".

تجارتی نام : Brand, Brand Name, Marque, Trade Name : a name given to a product or service. "Brand name is KFC".

حکومت کی غیر ملکی تجارت کی پالیسی : National Trading Policy, Trade Policy : a government`s policy controlling foreign trade.

بحری راستہ : Sea Lane, Seaway, Ship Route, Trade Route : a lane at sea that is a regularly used route for vessels.

تجارتی راز : Trade Secret : a secret (method or device or formula) that gives a manufacturer an advantage over the competition.

مزدوروں کا اتحاد : Brotherhood, Labor Union, Trade Union, Trades Union, Union : an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer. "You have to join the union in order to get a job".

یونین بازی : Trade Unionism, Unionism : the system or principles and theory of labor unions.

مزدوروں کی انجمن قائم کرنے کا حامی : Trade Unionist, Union Member, Unionist : a worker who belongs to a trade union.

استعمال شدہ چیز جو نئی چیز خریدتے ہوۓ رقم کی جزوی ادائی کے طور پر دی جاۓ : Trade-In : an item of property that is given in part payment for a new one.

اسقاط حمل کی دوا : Abortion Pill, Mifepristone, Ru 486 : an abortion-inducing drug (trade name RU_486) developed in France; when taken during the first five weeks of pregnancy it blocks the action of progesterone so that the uterus sloughs off the embryo. "Mifepristone should not be used after five weeks".

بلند فشار خون کی دوا : Acebutolol, Sectral : an oral beta blocker (trade name Sectral) used in treating hypertension.

اسپرین : Acetylsalicylic Acid, Aspirin, Bayer, Empirin, St. Joseph : the acetylated derivative of salicylic acid; used as an analgesic anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Bayer, Empirin, and St. Joseph) usually taken in tablet form; used as an antipyretic; slows clotting of the blood by poisoning platelets.

جراثیم کش دوا : Achromycin, Tetracycline : an antibiotic (trade name Achromycin) derived from microorganisms of the genus Streptomyces and used broadly to treat infections.

مصنوعی دھاگہ : Acrilan, Polypropenonitrile : acrylic resin used to make a strong soft crease-resistant fabric (trade name Acrilan).

الرجی کی دوا : Actifed : trade name for a drug containing an antihistamine and a decongestant; used to treat upper respiratory conditions and minor allergies.

خون کے لوتھڑے ختم کرنے والی دوا : Activase, Tissue Plasminogen Activator : a thrombolytic agent (trade name Activase) that causes fibrinolysis at the site of a blood clot; used in treating acute myocardial infarction.

سوجن کم کرنے کی دوا : Acular, Ketorolac Tromethamine, Toradol : nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Acular and Toradol) that is administered only intramuscularly.

اسکاٹ لینڈ کا معیشت دان : Adam Smith, Smith : Scottish economist who advocated private enterprise and free trade (1723-1790).

تناو دور کرنے کی دوا : Adapin, Doxepin, Doxepin Hydrochloride, Sinequan : a tricyclic antidepressant (trade names Adapin and Sinequan) with numerous side effects (dry mouth and sedation and gastrointestinal disturbances).

ہائیپو تھیلامس میں بننے والا : Adh, Antidiuretic Hormone, Pitressin, Vasopressin : hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve endings in the hypothalamus; affects blood pressure by stimulating capillary muscles and reduces urine flow by affecting reabsorption of water by kidney tubules.

تناو متوازن کرنے کا ہارمون : Adrenalin, Adrenaline, Epinephrin, Epinephrine : a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin); stimulates autonomic nerve action.

درد اور سوزش کم کرنے کی دوا : Advil, Ibuprofen, Isobutylphenyl Propionic Acid, Motrin, Nuprin : a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine (trade names Advil and Motrin and Nuprin) used to relieve the pain of arthritis and as an antipyretic. "Ibuprofen used for pain".

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