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Legalism meaning in Urdu

Legalism Definitions

1) Legalism : قانون پرستی : (noun) strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit.


Useful Words

Python : بہوت پریت , Zeitgeist : کسی خاص دار کا جذبہ , Acrophony : ہم آواز الفاظ , Keeping : ہم آہنگ , Lenient : سختی کے بغیر , Equity : غیر جانبداری , The True : حقیقت , Correctness : درستگی , Honoring : رسم , Liberalisation : آزاد بنانے کا عمل , Incorrect : غلط , Acceptable : قابل قبول , Loosen : سختی کم کرنا , Close : کڑی , Justness : حسب روایت , Clean : جائز طور پر , Disciplinarian : سخت نظم و ضبط کا قائل , Legality : قانونی , Mistress : سخت استانی , Rigorous : سخت , Ritualist : رسوم و رواج کا حامی , Traditionalism : رواج پسندی , Exact : بالکل صحیح , Govern : اصولوں کے مطابق بنانا , Better-Looking : عمدہ , Austere : سخت , Vegan : گوشت اور دودھ سے بنی ہوئی اشیا نہیں کھانے والا , Madrigal : عاشقنہ گیت , Accurate : درست , Classicalism : قدیم ادب کی تقلید , Full Of Life : زندہ دل

Useful Words Definitions

Python: a soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit.

Zeitgeist: the spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation.

Acrophony: naming a letter of the alphabet by using a word whose initial sound is the sound represented by that letter.

Keeping: conformity or harmony.

Lenient: not strict.

Equity: conformity with rules or standards.

The True: conformity to reality or actuality.

Correctness: conformity to fact or truth.

Honoring: conformity with law or custom or practice etc..

Liberalisation: the act of making less strict.

Incorrect: not correct; not in conformity with fact or truth.

Acceptable: judged to be in conformity with approved usage.

Loosen: make less severe or strict.

Close: rigorously attentive; strict and thorough.

Justness: conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety.

Clean: in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating.

Disciplinarian: someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms.

Legality: lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute.

Mistress: a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict).

Rigorous: demanding strict attention to rules and procedures.

Ritualist: an advocate of strict observance of ritualistic forms.

Traditionalism: strict adherence to traditional methods or teachings.

Exact: marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact.

Govern: bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations.

Better-Looking: pleasing in appearance especially by reason of conformity to ideals of form and proportion.

Austere: of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect.

Vegan: a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all.

Madrigal: an unaccompanied partsong for 2 or 3 voices; follows a strict poetic form.

Accurate: (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct.

Classicalism: a movement in literature and art during the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe that favored rationality and restraint and strict forms.

Full Of Life: full of spirit.

Related Words

Conformism : مقلدیت

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