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1 of 10) Like : پسند کرنا, چاہنا : (verb) be fond of.

There is no one else like me.
Did you like ?+ More

2 of 10) Like, The Like, The Likes Of : اسی طرح کا : (noun) a similar kind.

Dogs, foxes, and the like.
We don't want the likes of you around here.

3 of 10) Like, Care, Wish : چاہنا : (verb) prefer or wish to do something.

Would you like to come along to the movies?

4 of 10) Like, Similar : ایک جیسا, یکساں : (adjective) resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination.

Suits of like design.
A limited circle of like minds.+ More

5 of 10) Like, Ilk : قسم : (noun) a kind of person.

We'll not see his like again.

6 of 10) Like : لطف اندوز ہونا : (verb) find enjoyable or agreeable.

I like jogging.
She likes to read Russian novels.

7 of 10) Like, Same : برابر : (adjective) equal in amount or value.

Like amounts.
Gave one six blows and the other a like number.

8 of 10) Like, Alike, Similar : ایک جیسا : (adjective) having the same or similar characteristics.

All politicians are alike.
They looked utterly alike.+ More

9 of 10) Like : دیکھنا, سمجھنا : (verb) feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard.

How did you like the President's speech last night?

10 of 10) Like, Comparable, Corresponding : ایک جیسا : (satellite adjective) conforming in every respect.

The like period of the preceding year.

Like in Idioms

Die Like A Dog : To die in a manner that is shameful.

Die Like Roland : To die from hunger or thirst.

Eyes Like Two Burnt Holes In A Blanket : Dark circles around the eyes.

Done Like A Dinner : Having failed.

Have A Face Like Thunder : Face expression that shows one`s anger or hostility.

Useful Words

Joiner : ملاپ کو پسند کرنے والا , Night Owl : رات بھر جاگنے والا , Ogre : آدم خور , Care For : عزیز رکھنا , Attached : ہلا ہونا , Moppet : چھوٹی بچی , Punster : جگت باز , Uxorious : زن پرست , Cherished : عزیز , Convivial : یار انہ , Hospitableness : تواضع , Tend : دیکھ بھال کرنا , Fuss : ماں کی طرح خیال کرنا , Entrust : کسی کے حوالے کرنا , Carelessly : لا پروائی سے , Thoughtless : بے پروا , Care : خیال کرنا , Assiduously : مستقل مزاجی سے , Care Delivery : صحت کی سہولیات کی فراہمی , Inattentive : غافل , Gingerly : انتہائی ہوشیاری سے , Chiropodist : پاوٴں کا معالج , Untreated : جس کا علاج نہ کیا گیا ہو , Careful : مناسب , Charge : سپرد کرنا , Untended : جس کی خبر گیری نہ کی گئی ہو , Haphazard : لاپروائی سے , Gardener : مالی , Attentive : خیال رکھنے والا , Disregard : لا پروائی , Irresponsible : بے پروا

Useful Words Definitions

Joiner: a person who likes to join groups.

Night Owl: a person who likes to be active late at night.

Ogre: (folklore) a giant who likes to eat human beings.

Care For: be fond of; be attached to.

Attached: fond and affectionate.

Moppet: a little girl (usually one you are fond of).

Punster: someone overly fond of making puns.

Uxorious: foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife.

Cherished: characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for.

Convivial: occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company.

Hospitableness: having a disposition that welcomes guests and is fond of entertaining.

Tend: have care of or look after.

Fuss: care for like a mother.

Entrust: put into the care or protection of someone.

Carelessly: without care or concern.

Thoughtless: without care or thought for others.

Care: provide care for.

Assiduously: with care and persistence.

Care Delivery: the provision of health care.

Inattentive: not showing due care or attention.

Gingerly: with extreme care or delicacy.

Chiropodist: a specialist in care for the feet.

Untreated: not given medical care or treatment.

Careful: unhurried and with care and dignity.

Charge: give over to another for care or safekeeping.

Untended: lacking care and attention.

Haphazard: without care; in a slapdash manner.

Gardener: someone who takes care of a garden.

Attentive: (often followed by `to') giving care or attention.

Disregard: lack of attention and due care.

Irresponsible: showing lack of care for consequences.

Related Words

Alikeness : مشابہت , Form : نوع , Approve : صاد کرنا , Consider : سمجھنا , Please : چاہنا , Desire : چاہنا , Prefer : ترجیح دینا , Enjoy : پسند ہونا , Like-Minded : ہم خیال , Suchlike : اس طرح کا , Same : ایک جیسا

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