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Limbic meaning in Urdu

Limbic in Detail

1) Limbic : دماغ کے کسی حصے سے متعلق : (adjective) of or relating to or forming a limbus.

Useful Words

Skeletal : ڈھانچے کے بارے میں : of or relating to or forming or attached to a skeleton. "The skeletal system".

Ideation : تصور گری : the process of forming and relating ideas.

Hippocampus : ہپپوکیمپس دماغ کا ایک اہم حصہ : a complex neural structure (shaped like a sea horse) consisting of grey matter and located on the floor of each lateral ventricle; intimately involved in motivation and emotion as part of the limbic system; has a central role in the formation of memories.

Constitution, Establishment, Formation, Organisation, Organization : قیام : the act of forming or establishing something. "When Pakistan was established, many Muslims came to Pakistan from India".

Collective : مجموعی : forming a whole or aggregate.

Hepatic Lobe : جگر کی لوب : any of the five lobes forming the liver. "Four of five hepatic lobes are clear".

Reticular, Reticulate : جالی دار : resembling or forming a network. "The reticulate veins of a leaf".

Unionisation, Unionization : انجمن سازی : act of forming labor unions. "The issue underlying the strike was unionization".

Arced, Arched, Arching, Arciform, Arcuate, Bowed : محراب نما : forming or resembling an arch. "An arched ceiling".

Consolidated : ٹہوس : forming a solid mass.

Concluding, Final, Last, Terminal : اختتامی : occurring at or forming an end or termination. "His concluding words came as a surprise".

Basal, Base : بنیادی : serving as or forming a base. "The painter applied a base coat followed by two finishing coats".

Adjunctive : پیوستگی : joining; forming an adjunct.

Backing, Mount : پشت پناہی : something forming a back that is added for strengthening.

Articulate : جڑا ہونا : unite by forming a joint or joints. "The ankle bone articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle bones".

Face, Side : کونا : a surface forming part of the outside of an object. "He examined all sides of the crystal".

Triangular : مثلثی : having three angles; forming or shaped like a triangle. "A triangular figure".

Border : کنارا : a strip forming the outer edge of something. "The rug had a wide blue border".

Air, Line, Melodic Line, Melodic Phrase, Melody, Strain, Tune : روانی : a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence. "She was humming an air from Beethoven".

Fraction : چھوٹا حصہ : a small part or item forming a piece of a whole.

Clotting, Coagulation, Curdling : انجماد : the process of forming semisolid lumps in a liquid.

Conclusive : فیصلہ کن : forming an end or termination; especially putting an end to doubt or question. "Conclusive proof".

Curbstone, Kerbstone : سنگ حاشیہ : a paving stone forming part of a curb.

Frost, Hoar, Hoarfrost, Rime : کہرا : ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside). "Hoar frost crystals often form intitially on the tips of plants or other objects".

Myometrium : یوٹرس کی دبیز عضلاتی دیوار : the smooth muscle forming the wall of the uterus.

Shank, Stem : گٹھلی : cylinder forming a long narrow part of something.

Pale, Picket : کھونٹا : a wooden strip forming part of a fence.

Bed, Bottom : تہ : a depression forming the ground under a body of water. "He searched for treasure on the ocean bed".

Addicted : عادی : compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming. "She is addicted to chocolate".

Papillary Tumor, Papillary Tumour, Papilloma, Villoma : پہوڑا : a benign epithelial tumor forming a rounded mass.

Article : جریدے کا نشر پارہ : nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication. "That was nice article".