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Locket meaning in Urdu

ایک قسم کا پہننے والا زیور

Locket Definitions

1) Locket : ایک قسم کا پہننے والا زیور : (noun) a small ornamental case; usually contains a picture or a lock of hair and is worn on a necklace.


Useful Words

Crimp : گھنگریالے بال , Forelock : پیشانی پر نکلے بال , Curling Iron : بالوں کو بل دینے کا آلہ , Key : کنجی , Wisp : لٹ , Chignon : گردابہ , Topknot : چوٹی کی گرہ , Picturesque : خوش نما , Hijab : حجاب , Pillbox : گولیاں رکھنے کا ایک صندوق , Academy Award : آسکر ایوارڈ , Compact : میک اپ کا شیشے والا ڈبہ , Complementary : تکمیلی رنگ , Satchel : بستہ , Chain : ہار , Choker : ہار , Pendant : جھمکا ہار وغیرہ , Acer Palmatum : زیب و زینت والا میپل , Cocker : اسپنیل کتوں کی ایک نسل , Jerusalem Cherry : جنوب امریکہ کا ایک پودا جس کے لال اور پیلے چیری کی طرح پھل ہوتے ہیں , Belt Bag : کمر بیگ , Brass Knuckles : انگشت , Affenpinscher : چھوٹے قد کی نسل کا ایک کتا , Cowlick : لٹ , Abelia : سدا بہار کا پودہ جس میں گلابی سفید اور اودے رنگ کے پھول ہوتے ہیں , Aba : جانور کے بالوں سے بنا کپڑا , Mammal : دودھ پلانے والے جانور , Jewellery : زیور , Chinese Magnolia : ایک خوبصورت درخت , Farthingale : ایک قسم کا لباس یورپی عورتوں کا , Guenon : چھوٹا افریقی بندر

Useful Words Definitions

Crimp: a lock of hair that has been artificially waved or curled.

Forelock: a lock of hair growing (or falling) over the forehead.

Curling Iron: a cylindrical metal home appliance that heats a lock of hair that has been curled around it.

Key: metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock`s mechanism can be rotated.

Wisp: a small tuft or lock.

Chignon: a roll of hair worn at the nape of the neck.

Topknot: headdress consisting of a decorative ribbon or bow worn in the hair.

Picturesque: suggesting or suitable for a picture; pretty as a picture.

Hijab: a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face.

Pillbox: a small case for holding pills.

Academy Award: an annual award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievements in motion picture production and performance.

Compact: a small cosmetics case with a mirror; to be carried in a woman`s purse.

Complementary: either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments).

Satchel: luggage consisting of a small case with a flat bottom and (usually) a shoulder strap.

Chain: a necklace made by a stringing objects together.

Choker: necklace that fits tightly around a woman`s neck.

Pendant: an adornment that hangs from a piece of jewelry (necklace or earring).

Acer Palmatum: ornamental shrub or small tree of Japan and Korea with deeply incised leaves; cultivated in many varieties.

Cocker: a small breed with wavy silky hair; originally developed in England.

Jerusalem Cherry: small South American shrub cultivated as a houseplant for its abundant ornamental but poisonous red or yellow cherry-sized fruit.

Belt Bag: a small pouch (usually with a zipper) that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist.

Brass Knuckles: a small metal weapon; worn over the knuckles on the back of the hand.

Affenpinscher: European breed of small dog resembling a terrier with dark wiry hair and a tufted muzzle.

Cowlick: a tuft of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of the hair and usually will not lie flat.

Abelia: any of various deciduous or evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus Abelia having opposite simple leaves and cymes of small white or pink or purplish flowers; Asia and Mexico.

Aba: a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair.

Mammal: any warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair; young are born alive except for the small subclass of monotremes and nourished with milk.

Jewellery: an adornment (as a bracelet or ring or necklace) made of precious metals and set with gems (or imitation gems).

Chinese Magnolia: large deciduous shrub or small tree having large open rosy to purplish flowers; native to Asia; prized as an ornamental in eastern North America.

Farthingale: a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally; worn by European women in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Guenon: small slender African monkey having long hind limbs and tail and long hair around the face.

Related Words

Case : ڈبہ

سالن لیجیئے نا