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Lonesome meaning in Urdu

Lonesome Sentence

A lonesome pine.

Lonesome Synonyms

Lonesome in Detail

1) Lonesome, Lone, Only, Sole, Solitary : واحد, دوسروں سے الگ, اکیلا : (satellite adjective) being the only one; single and isolated from others.

Useful Words

Monotype : اپنے گروہ کا واحد رکن : (biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus).

Alone : اکیلا : isolated from others. "I`m alone enough for you".

Detachment, Insularism, Insularity, Insulation : غیر موصل کاری : the state of being isolated or detached. "The insulation of England was preserved by the English Channel".

Isolable : علیحدگی پسند : capable of being isolated or disjoined.

Actinomycin : جراثیم کش دوا : any of various red antibiotics isolated from soil bacteria.

Compartmentalise, Compartmentalize, Cut Up : حصوں میں تقسیم کرنا : separate into isolated compartments or categories. "You cannot compartmentalize your life like this!".

Detail, Item, Point : تفصیل : an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole. "Several of the details are similar".

Segregated, Unintegrated : نسلی یا مذہبی بنیاد پر الگ کیا ہوا : separated or isolated from others or a main group. "A segregated school system".

Alienate : الگ کرنا : make withdrawn or isolated or emotionally dissociated. "The boring work alienated his employees".

Compartmented : منقسم : divided up or separated into compartments or isolated units. "A compartmented box".

Maroon, Strand : پھنسا چھوڑ دینا : leave stranded or isolated with little hope of rescue. "The travellers were marooned".

Resole, Sole : نیا تلا لگانا : put a new sole on. "Sole the shoes".

Soled : تلے دار : having a sole or soles especially as specified; used in combination. "Half-soled".

Florey, Howard Florey, Sir Howard Walter Florey : برطانوی ماہر تشخیص امراض : British pathologist who isolated and purified penicillin, which had been discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming (1898-1968).

Innersole, Insole : جوتے کا تلا : the inner sole of a shoe or boot where the foot rests.

Roller Skate : گھرنی دار جوتے : a shoe with pairs of rollers fixed to the sole.

Plimsoll : ایک جوتا جس کا تلا ربڑ کا ہو : a light gym shoe with a rubber sole and a canvas top.

Palmar, Volar : ہتھیلی سے متعلق : relating to the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot. "The volar surface".

Equisetaceae, Family Equisetaceae, Horsetail Family : جھاڑیوں کا کنبہ : sole surviving family of the Equisetales: fern allies.

Patent, Patent Of Invention : سند حق ایجاد : a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention.

Sandal : سینڈل : a shoe consisting of a sole fastened by straps to the foot. "She has pair of red sandal".

Cleat : جوتے کا تلہ : a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe); prevents slipping.

Account : دارومدار ہونا : be the sole or primary factor in the existence, acquisition, supply, or disposal of something. "Passing grades account for half of the grades given in this exam".

Heterosomata, Order Heterosomata, Order Pleuronectiformes : چپٹی مچھلیاں : flatfishes: halibut; sole; flounder; plaice; turbot; tonguefishes.

Callosity, Callus : سخت جلد : an area of skin that is thick or hard from continual pressure or friction (as the sole of the foot).

Drone : نر مکھی : stingless male bee in a colony of social bees (especially honeybees) whose sole function is to mate with the queen.

Aardvark, Ant Bear, Anteater, Orycteropus Afer : افریقہ کا دودھ پلانے والا جانور جو سور سے ملتا ہے : nocturnal burrowing mammal of the grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites; sole extant representative of the order Tubulidentata.

Shoe : جوتا : footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material. "Put yourself in other`s shoes".

Koch, Robert Koch : جرمن ماہر جرثومیات : German bacteriologist who isolated the anthrax bacillus and the tubercle bacillus and the cholera bacillus (1843-1910).

Outsole : جوتے کا تلا : the outer sole of a shoe or boot that is the bottom of the shoe and makes contact with the ground.

Unipolar : واحد قطبہ : having a single pole.

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