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Luftwaffe meaning in Urdu

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1) Luftwaffe, German Luftwaffe : جرمن فضائیہ : (noun) the German airforce.


Useful Words

German Nazi : جرمنی کی سوشلسٹ پارٹی کا رکن , German : جرمنی کا باسی , Old Saxon : قدیم جرمن بولی , A Kempis : جرمن پادری , Ashkenazi : اشکنازی , Old High German : قدیم جرمن , David Hilbert : جرمن ریاضی دان , Christian Friedrich Hebbel : جرمن ڈراما نگار , Aby Moritz Warburg : جرمن تاریخ دان , August Wilhelm Von Hoffmann : جرمن کیمیا دان , Baron Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz : جرمنی کا فعلیات دان اور طبیعیات دان , Boche : جرمن , Johann Ludwig Uhland : جرمن شاعر , Herr : مرد کو مخاطب کرنے کا جرمن لفظ , Lied : ایک جرمن نغمہ , Adolf Hitler : جرمن آمر ہٹلر , Hans Holbein : جرمن مذہبی پینڑر , Hohenzollern : جرمن شاہی گھرانہ , Karl Waldemar Ziegler : جرمنی کا کیمیا دان , Armin : جرمن ہیرو , August F. Mobius : موبیس , Fraulein : دوشیزہ , Frau : بیوی , Fischer : جرمن کیمیا دان , Adenauer : مغربی جرمنی کا رہنما , Boell : جرمن مصنف , German : جرمنی کی زبان , Final Solution : یہودیوں کا قتل عام , Hugo Junkers : جرمن انجینئر , Heinrich Hertz : جرمن ماہر طبیعیات , Graf : اسٹیفی گراف

Useful Words Definitions

German Nazi: a German member of National Socialist German Workers` Party its leader was Adolf Hitler`s.

German: a person of German nationality.

Old Saxon: Low German prior to 1200.

A Kempis: German ecclesiastic (1380-1471).

Ashkenazi: a Jew of eastern European or German descent.

Old High German: High German prior to 1200.

David Hilbert: German mathematician (1862-1943).

Christian Friedrich Hebbel: German dramatist (1813-1863).

Aby Moritz Warburg: German art historian (1866-1929).

August Wilhelm Von Hoffmann: German chemist (1818-1892).

Baron Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz: German physiologist and physicist (1821-1894).

Boche: offensive term for a person of German descent.

Johann Ludwig Uhland: German romantic poet (1787-1862).

Herr: a German courtesy title or form of address for a man.

Lied: a German art song of the 19th century for voice and piano.

Adolf Hitler: German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945).

Hans Holbein: German painter of religious works (1465-1524).

Hohenzollern: a German noble family that ruled Brandenburg and Prussia.

Karl Waldemar Ziegler: German chemist honored for his research on polymers (1898-1973).

Armin: German hero; leader at the battle of Teutoburger Wald in AD 9 (circa 18 BC - AD 19).

August F. Mobius: German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868).

Fraulein: a German courtesy title or form of address for an unmarried woman.

Frau: a German courtesy title or form of address for an adult woman.

Fischer: German chemist noted for his synthesis of hemin (1881-1945).

Adenauer: German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1876-1967).

Boell: German novelist and writer of short stories (1917-1985).

German: the standard German language; developed historically from West Germanic.

Final Solution: the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 until 1945.

Hugo Junkers: German aircraft engineer who designed the first all-metal airplane (1859-1935).

Heinrich Hertz: German physicist who was the first to produce electromagnetic waves artificially (1857-1894).

Graf: German tennis player who won seven women`s singles titles at Wimbledon (born in 1969).

Related Words

Air Force : فضائیہ