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Lyrebird meaning in Urdu

Lyrebird Definitions

1) Lyrebird : ایک قسم کا پرندہ : (noun) Australian bird that resembles a pheasant; the courting male displays long tail feathers in a lyre shape.


Useful Words

Flight Feather : کسی چڑیا کے بازو کا اختتامی حصہ , Anas Acuta : شمالی امریکی دلدل کی ایک مرغابی جو پانی کی سطح سے خوراک حاصل کرتی ہے , Corvus Corax : پہاڑی کوا , Hawk : باز , Aigret : پرندے کا پر , Kingfisher : لمبی چونچ والا پرندہ , Bird Of Juno : مور , European Black Grouse : ہیت مرغی , Heron : لمبی گردن اور لمبی ٹانگوں والا پرندہ , Tail : جانور کی دم , Titi : چھوٹا بندر , Adansonia Gregorii : آسٹریلیا کا درخت , Ateles Geoffroyi : پتلے لمبے نازک بندر , Swift : ایک قسم کی چڑیا , Guenon : چھوٹا افریقی بندر , Dromaius Novaehollandiae : آسٹریلیا کا شتر مرغ جیسا پرندا , Corona : تاج نما , Cornu : سینگ جیسا حصہ , Pill : گولی , Concha : خول نما , Colaptes Caper Collaris : امریکی چڑیا , Hog Snapper : سور کی شکل کی مچھلی , Meleagris Gallopavo : شترمرغ , Peacock : نر مور , Pecker : مضبوط پنجے والا پرندہ , Snake : سانپ , Giant Armadillo : تین فٹ لمبی دم , Squirrel : گلہری , Bristletail : لمبی دم والا بغیر پر کا ایک کیڑا , Lizard : چھپکلی , Shetland Pony : شٹ لینڈی ٹٹو

Useful Words Definitions

Flight Feather: any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.

Anas Acuta: long-necked river duck of the Old and New Worlds having elongated central tail feathers.

Corvus Corax: large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail.

Hawk: diurnal bird of prey typically having short rounded wings and a long tail.

Aigret: a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume.

Kingfisher: nonpasserine large-headed bird with a short tail and long sharp bill; usually crested and bright-colored; feed mostly on fish.

Bird Of Juno: very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird.

European Black Grouse: large northern European grouse that is black with a lyre-shaped tail.

Heron: grey or white wading bird with long neck and long legs and (usually) long bill.

Tail: any projection that resembles the tail of an animal.

Titi: small South American monkeys with long beautiful fur and long nonprehensile tail.

Adansonia Gregorii: Australian tree having an agreeably acid fruit that resembles a gourd.

Ateles Geoffroyi: arboreal monkey of tropical America with long slender legs and long prehensile tail.

Swift: a small bird that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight.

Guenon: small slender African monkey having long hind limbs and tail and long hair around the face.

Dromaius Novaehollandiae: large Australian flightless bird similar to the ostrich but smaller.

Corona: (anatomy) any structure that resembles a crown in shape.

Cornu: (anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape.

Pill: something that resembles a tablet of medicine in shape or size.

Concha: (anatomy) a structure that resembles a shell in shape.

Colaptes Caper Collaris: western United States bird with red undersurface to wings and tail.

Hog Snapper: large wrasse of western Atlantic; head of male resembles a pig`s snout.

Meleagris Gallopavo: large gallinaceous bird with fan-shaped tail; widely domesticated for food.

Peacock: male peafowl; having a crested head and very large fanlike tail marked with iridescent eyes or spots.

Pecker: bird with strong claws and a stiff tail adapted for climbing and a hard chisel-like bill for boring into wood for insects.

Snake: something long, thin, and flexible that resembles a snake.

Giant Armadillo: about three feet long exclusive of tail.

Squirrel: a kind of arboreal rodent having a long bushy tail.

Bristletail: small wingless insect with a long bristlelike tail.

Lizard: relatively long-bodied reptile with usually two pairs of legs and a tapering tail.

Shetland Pony: breed of very small pony with long shaggy mane and tail.

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