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Major Power meaning in Urdu

Major Power Sentence

Major power is up.

Major Power Synonyms


Major Power Definitions

1) Major Power, Great Power, Power, Superpower, World Power : عظیم طاقت, اعلی طاقت, غیر معمولی طاقت : (noun) a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world.

Useful Words

Influence : طاقت , Abwatt : واٹ کا دس کروڑواں حصہ , Bondage : پابندی , Kilowatt : ایک ہزار کا ایک کلو وولٹ , Preponderance : غالب ہونے کی حالت , Puissance : طاقت , Overriding : بڑا , Influential : با اثر , Mover And Shaker : ہلانے والا , Czar : بادشاہ , Titanic : بہت طاقتور , Clericalism : مذہبیت , Kingmaker : سیاست میں کسی کو اقتدار میں لانے والا , Agency : اختیار , Omnipotence : بہت بڑی طاقت , Ascendance : فوقیت , Commonwealth : دولت مشترکہ , Throne : حاکم اعلی , Repellant : مخالف , Clairvoyant : غیب بین , Yoke : آمرانہ طاقت , Aboulia : قوت ارادی کا خاتمہ , Delegate : کسی دوسرے کو سونپنا , Reign : حکومت ہونا , All-Powerful : قادر مطلق , Powerless : بے بس , Detergent : صاف کرنے والا , Dependent : ماتحت , Assumption : منصب سنبھالنا , Stamper : ٹھپے والی مشین , Emasculation : نامردی

Useful Words Definitions

Influence: a power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc.

Abwatt: a power unit equal to the power dissipated when 1 abampere flows across a potential difference of 1 abvolt (one ten-thousandth of a milliwatt).

Bondage: the state of being under the control of a force or influence or abstract power.

Kilowatt: a unit of power equal to 1,000 watts. It is normally used to measure the power consumption or generation of electrical devices, with larger appliances often rated in kilowatts.

Preponderance: superiority in power or influence.

Puissance: power to influence or coerce.

Overriding: having superior power and influence.

Influential: having or exercising influence or power.

Mover And Shaker: a person who wields power and influence.

Czar: a person having great power.

Titanic: of great force or power.

Clericalism: a policy of supporting the influence and power of the clergy in secular or political matters.

Kingmaker: an important person who can bring leaders to power through the exercise of political influence.

Agency: the state of being in action or exerting power.

Omnipotence: the state of being omnipotent; having unlimited power.

Ascendance: the state that exists when one person or group has power over another.

Commonwealth: a world organization of autonomous states that are united in allegiance to a central power but are not subordinate to it or to one another.

Throne: the position and power of an exalted person (a sovereign or bishop) who is entitled to sit in a chair of state on ceremonial occasions.

Repellant: the power to repel.

Clairvoyant: someone who has the power of clairvoyance.

Yoke: an oppressive power.

Aboulia: a loss of will power.

Delegate: transfer power to someone.

Reign: have sovereign power.

All-Powerful: having unlimited power.

Powerless: lacking power.

Detergent: having cleansing power.

Dependent: being under the power or sovereignty of another or others.

Assumption: the act of taking possession of or power over something.

Stamper: a power tool that stamps.

Emasculation: loss of power and masculinity.

Related Words

Body Politic : ریاست , Hegemon : چوٹی کی طاقت

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