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Diplomacy   Meaning in Urdu

1. Diplomacy - Diplomatic Negotiations : سفارت کاری : (noun) negotiation between nations.

Convention - (diplomacy) an international agreement.

2. Diplomacy - Delicacy - Discreetness - Finesse : مہارت - کاریگری : (noun) subtly skillful handling of a situation.

Tact, Tactfulness - consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense.

3. Diplomacy - Statecraft - Statesmanship : سیاسی دانشمندی : (noun) wisdom in the management of public affairs.

Wisdom, Wiseness - the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight.

Diplomacy in Book Titles

The Pure Concept of Diplomacy.
On the Way to Diplomacy.
Diversifying Diplomacy: My Journey from Roxbury to Dakar.
Contemporary Diplomacy.

Useful Words

Between - Betwixt : درمیان : in the interval. "Dancing all the dances with little rest between"

Handling - Treatment : ترتیب دینے کا طریقہ : the management of someone or something. "The handling of prisoners in jail"

Body Politic - Commonwealth - Country - Land - Nation - Res Publica - State : ریاست : a politically organized body of people under a single government. "The state has elected a new president"

Dialogue - Negotiation - Talks : مذاکرات : a discussion intended to produce an agreement. "The buyout negotiation lasted several days"

Situation - State Of Affairs : حالات : the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time. "Your situation is worse than mine"

Adept - Expert - Good - Practiced - Proficient - Skilful - Skillful : ماہر : having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude. "A proficient engineer"

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