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1) Mandrel : راڈ Rad : (noun) any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts.

Urdu Synonym(s) : سلاخ Selakh

English Synonym(s) : Arbor Mandril Spindle

Useful Words

Any : کوئی Koi : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing"

Ax Axe : کلہاڑی سے کاٹنا Kulhari Se Katna : chop or split with an ax. "Axe wood"

Bigger Larger : زیادہ بڑا Zyada Bara : large or big relative to something else. "This one is bigger"

Component Component Part Constituent Part Portion : حصہ Hissa : something determined in relation to something that includes it. "He wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself"

Assist Attend Attend To Serve Wait On : خدمت کرنا Khidmat Karna : work for or be a servant to. "Serve your parents"

Lance Shaft Spear : نیزا Niza : a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon.

وہ خوشی سے رو پڑی