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Maroon meaning in Urdu

Maroon Sentences

The travellers were marooned.
When the tide came in I was a maroon out there.

Maroon Synonyms


Maroon Definitions

1 of 4) Maroon : پھنسا شخص : (noun) a person who is stranded (as on an island).

2 of 4) Maroon, Strand : پھنسا چھوڑ دینا, پھنس جانا : (verb) leave stranded or isolated with little hope of rescue.

3 of 4) Maroon, Brownish-Red : گہرا لال رنگ : (satellite adjective) of dark brownish to purplish red.

4 of 4) Maroon : گہرا لال رنگ : (noun) a dark purplish-red to dark brownish-red color.

Useful Words

Fuchsia Excorticata : سیدھا کھڑا گہرے لال رنگ کے پھولوں والا دس فٹ لمبا درخت , Amphicarpa Bracteata : جنگلی مونگ پھلی , Egyptian Cotton : مصری کپاس , Sapodilla : چیکو , Picornavirus : کوئی مرکزائی تیزابی وائرس جو مزاحم ایتھر ہوتا ہے , Chromosome : لون جسم , Cdna : تکمیلی ڈی این اے , Hepatitis C : کالا یرقان درجہ سوم , Pin Curl : زنانہ پن کے ذریعے باندھی جانے والا لٹ , Dunnock : بلبل سا پرندہ , Terra Cotta : سرخ پختہ مٹی , Drab : ہلکا بادامی اور ہرا رنگ , Antheraea Mylitta : ریشم بنانے والا کیڑا , Aureate : سنہری , Dun : بادامی سرمی رنگ کا گہوڑا , Kea : نیوزی لینڈ کا ایک سبز رنگ کا طوطا , Freckle : داغ , Asafetida : ہینگ , Thrush : جنگلی چڑیا , Grizzly : شمال مغربی امریکا میں پایا جانے والا ریچھ , Logwood : سرخ لکڑی , House Mouse : چوہا , Pomegranate : انار , Abyssinian : حبشی بلی , Addison's Disease : ایک غدود کی بیماری , Tawny : سانولا , Aegean Island : ایجیئن جزیرہ , Island-Dweller : جزیرہ کا باشندہ , Isle : چھوٹا جزیرہ , Haiti : ہیٹی جزیرہ , Commonwealth Of Dominica : ڈومنیکا

Useful Words Definitions

Fuchsia Excorticata: erect deciduous shrub or tree to 10 feet with maroon flowers; New Zealand.

Amphicarpa Bracteata: vine widely distributed in eastern North America producing racemes of purple to maroon flowers and abundant (usually subterranean) edible one-seeded pods resembling peanuts.

Egyptian Cotton: fine somewhat brownish long-staple cotton grown in Egypt; believed to be derived from sea island cotton or by hybridization with Peruvian cotton.

Sapodilla: tropical fruit with a rough brownish skin and very sweet brownish pulp.

Picornavirus: a group of single-strand RNA viruses with a protein coat.

Chromosome: a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order.

Cdna: single-stranded DNA that is complementary to messenger RNA or DNA that has been synthesized from messenger RNA by reverse transcriptase.

Hepatitis C: a viral hepatitis clinically indistinguishable from hepatitis B but caused by a single-stranded RNA virus; usually transmitted by parenteral means (as injection of an illicit drug or blood transfusion or exposure to blood or blood products).

Pin Curl: a curl of hair made by dampening a strand of hair and curling it and holding the curl with a clip or bobby pin.

Dunnock: small brownish European songbird.

Terra Cotta: a hard unglazed brownish-red earthenware.

Drab: of a light brownish green color.

Antheraea Mylitta: oriental moth that produces brownish silk.

Aureate: having the deep slightly brownish color of gold.

Dun: horse of a dull brownish grey color.

Kea: large brownish-green New Zealand parrot.

Freckle: a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin.

Asafetida: the brownish gum resin of various plants; has strong taste and odor; formerly used as an antispasmodic.

Thrush: songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted fornt .

Grizzly: powerful brownish-yellow bear of the uplands of western North America.

Logwood: very hard brown to brownish-red heartwood of a logwood tree; used in preparing a purplish red dye.

House Mouse: brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide.

Pomegranate: large globular fruit having many seeds with juicy red pulp in a tough brownish-red rind.

Abyssinian: a small slender short-haired breed of African origin having brownish fur with a reddish undercoat.

Addison's Disease: a glandular disorder caused by failure of function of the cortex of the adrenal gland and marked by anemia and prostration with brownish skin.

Tawny: of a light brown to brownish orange color; the color of tanned leather.

Aegean Island: an island in the Aegean Sea.

Island-Dweller: an inhabitant of an island.

Isle: a small island.

Haiti: an island in the West Indies.

Commonwealth Of Dominica: a country on the island of Dominica.

Related Words

Unfortunate : بدنصیب , Abandon : چھوڑ دینا

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