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Sherbert meaning in Urdu

Sherbert Sentence

Make sherbert.

Sherbert Synonym

Sherbert Definitions

1) Sherbert, Sherbet : مشروب, شربت : (noun) a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar, but also containing milk or egg-white or gelatin.

Who brought the sherbert?


Useful Words

Ice Cream : آئس کریم , Jell-O : کھانے کے بعد پھلوں کا میٹھا , Marshmallow : ایک قسم کی مٹھائی , Frozen Yogurt : جمی ہوئی میٹھی ڈیش یا دہی , Milch : دودھ دینے والی , Molasses : گڑ , Gelatin : جیلی نما مادہ کھانے میں بھی استعمال ہوتا ہے , Custard : کسٹرڈ میٹھا آمیزہ , Junket : دودھ کا میٹھا , Compote : پھل کا میٹھا , Dumpling : حلوہ , Milk Punch : شراب دودھ , Chocolate : گرم چاکلیٹ شیک , Sour : کھٹا , Bagasse : رس نکلنے کے بعد کا پہوک , Caramel : کیرامل , Nectar : پھلوں کا رس , Sleety : برف و باراں دار , Ream : پھلوں کا رس نکالنا , Ade : پھل کے رس سے بنا مشروب , Squeezer : نچوڑنے والی چیز , Zombi : بھل رس , Brandy : پھلوں کی شراب , Conserve : مربہ , Sugar Cane : گنا , Milk Shake : ملک شیک , Juice Reamer : رس نکالنے والی مشین , Lactose : دودھ میں پائی جانے والی شوگر , Ecballium Elaterium : پھوٹ کھیرا , Candy : مٹھائی , Cucumis Melo Inodorus : پیٹھا

Useful Words Definitions

Ice Cream: frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring.

Jell-O: fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder.

Marshmallow: spongy confection made of gelatin and sugar and corn syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.

Frozen Yogurt: a soft frozen dessert of sweetened flavored yogurt.

Milch: giving milk; bred or suitable primarily for milk production.

Molasses: thick dark syrup produced by boiling down juice from sugar cane; especially during sugar refining.

Gelatin: an edible jelly (sweet or pungent) made with gelatin and used as a dessert or salad base or a coating for foods.

Custard: sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen.

Junket: dessert made of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet.

Compote: dessert of stewed or baked fruit.

Dumpling: dessert made by baking fruit wrapped in pastry.

Milk Punch: a punch made of spirits and milk and sugar and spices.

Chocolate: a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot.

Sour: a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar.

Bagasse: the dry dusty pulp that remains after juice is extracted from sugar cane or similar plants.

Caramel: firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk.

Nectar: fruit juice especially when undiluted.

Sleety: consisting of or of the nature of frozen or partially frozen rain.

Ream: squeeze the juice out (of a fruit) with a reamer.

Ade: a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice.

Squeezer: a kitchen utensil for squeezing juice from fruit.

Zombi: several kinds of rum with fruit juice and usually apricot liqueur.

Brandy: distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

Conserve: fruit preserved by cooking with sugar.

Sugar Cane: juicy canes whose sap is a source of molasses and commercial sugar; fresh canes are sometimes chewed for the juice.

Milk Shake: frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream.

Juice Reamer: a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit.

Lactose: a sugar comprising one glucose molecule linked to a galactose molecule; occurs only in milk.

Ecballium Elaterium: Mediterranean vine having oblong fruit that when ripe expels its seeds and juice violently when touched.

Candy: a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts.

Cucumis Melo Inodorus: any of a variety of muskmelon vines having fruit with a smooth white rind and white or greenish flesh that does not have a musky smell.

Related Words

Frozen Dessert : جمی ہوئی میٹھی ڈیش

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