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Mass Rapid Transit meaning in Urdu

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1) Mass Rapid Transit, Rapid Transit : زیر زمین ریل کا نظام : (noun) an urban public transit system using underground or elevated trains.


Useful Words

Buffet Car : سواری پر کھانا کھانا , Highjack : اغواء , Staging Area : کسی فوج یا لشکر کا پڑاٴو , Highjacking : اغواء , Express : تیز ترسیل , Fastness : رفتار , Rapid Climb : تیزی سے اٹھنا , Celerity : تیزی , Apace : تیزی سے , Acutely : تیزی سے , Ado : ہنگامہ , Bombilation : بھنبھناہٹ , Scrambler : جدوجہد کرنے والا , Gabble : بکواس کرنا , Birr : زناٹے کی آواز , Thrower : پھینکنے والا , Crash Dive : حفاظتی غوطہ , Plunge : غوطہ , Express : تیز ترسیل , Best Seller : خوب بکنے والی شے , Burst : بھڑکنا , Palpitation : دل کی دھڑکن , Flush : تیزی سے پانی بہا نا , Meno Mosso : دھیمی , Hotbed : زرخیز , Pounding : دھڑکنا , Tachycardia : اختلاج قلب , Aeroembolism : دباو کا درد , Acute : شدت سے ہونے والا , Scintillation : چمکنا , Clatter : کھڑکھڑاہٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Buffet Car: a passenger car where food is served in transit.

Highjack: seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination.

Staging Area: an area where troops and equipment in transit are assembled before a military operation.

Highjacking: robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of force.

Express: mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system.

Fastness: a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens.

Rapid Climb: a rapid rise.

Celerity: a rate that is rapid.

Apace: with rapid movements.

Acutely: having a rapid onset.

Ado: a rapid active commotion.

Bombilation: sound of rapid vibration.

Scrambler: a rapid mover; someone who scrambles.

Gabble: rapid and indistinct speech.

Birr: sound of something in rapid motion.

Thrower: someone who projects something (especially by a rapid motion of the arm).

Crash Dive: a rapid descent by a submarine.

Plunge: a steep and rapid fall.

Express: rapid transport of goods.

Best Seller: a book that has had a large and rapid sale.

Burst: rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms.

Palpitation: a rapid and irregular heart beat.

Flush: a sudden rapid flow (as of water).

Meno Mosso: played at reduced speed; less rapid.

Hotbed: a situation that is ideal for rapid development (especially of something bad).

Pounding: an instance of rapid strong pulsation (of the heart).

Tachycardia: abnormally rapid heartbeat (over 100 beats per minute).

Aeroembolism: pain resulting from rapid change in pressure.

Acute: having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course.

Scintillation: a rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash.

Clatter: a rattling noise (often produced by rapid movement).

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