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معزور ہونا : Mazoor Hona Meaning in English

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1) معزور ہونا : Disable Handicap Incapacitate Invalid : (verb) injure permanently.

Related : Wound : cause injuries or bodily harm to.


Useful Words

ناقابل : Disable, Disenable, Incapacitate : make unable to perform a certain action. "Disable this command on your computer".

خمدار تلوار سے زخمی کرنا : Saber, Sabre : cut or injure with a saber.

ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا : Cut Up, Mangle, Mutilate : destroy or injure severely. "The madman mutilates art work".

تباہ کرنا : Mar, Mutilate : destroy or injure severely. "Mutilated bodies".

پٹ کر بری طرح زخمی ہونا : Mangle, Maul : injure badly by beating.

چھلنا : Scrape, Skin : bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of. "The boy skinned his knee when he fell".

کھال کے اندر زخم لگنا : Bruise, Contuse : injure the underlying soft tissue or bone of. "I bruised my knee".

شدید حملہ : Aggravated Assault : a reckless attack with intent to injure seriously (as with a deadly weapon).

اپاہج کرنا : Maim : injure or wound seriously and leave permanent disfiguration or mutilation. "People were maimed by the explosion".

اپنے آپ کو بم سے اڑانے والا : Suicide Bomber : a terrorist who blows himself up in order to kill or injure other people.

کیمیائی جنگ : Chemical Operations, Chemical Warfare : warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy.

زیر سطحی زمین جو مستقلاً منجمد ہوتی ہے : Permafrost : ground that is permanently frozen.

عارضی طور پر : Temporarily : for a limited time only; not permanently. "He will work here temporarily".

حاصل کرنے والا : Acquirer : a person who acquires something (usually permanently).

بدل دینا : Alter, Change, Vary : become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence. "Her mood changes in accordance with the weather".

شکن دار : Crushed : treated so as to have a permanently wrinkled appearance. "Crushed velvet".

رہنے کا عمل : Habitation, Inhabitancy, Inhabitation : the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men). "He studied the creation and inhabitation and demise of the colony".

عمارت : Building, Edifice : a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place. "There was a three-story building on the corner".

بیسن : Basin, Lavatory, Washbasin, Washbowl, Washstand : a bathroom sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe; where you can wash your hands and face. "He ran some water in the basin and splashed it on his face".

زخمی کرنا : Injure, Wound : cause injuries or bodily harm to.

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