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Mazoor : معزور

1. Disability, Disablement, Handicap, Impairment : بے اختیاری - معذوری - معزور : (noun) the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness.

2. Disable, Disenable, Incapacitate : ناقابل - معذور - ناکارہ بنانا : (verb) make unable to perform a certain action.

3. Disabled, Handicapped : معذور : incapable of functioning as a consequence of injury or illness.

4. Unsound : ناقص - معذور - غیر مستحکم : (adjective) not in good condition; damaged or decayed.

5. Unable : معذور : (usually followed by `to') lacking necessary physical or mental ability.

Hasti : Being : a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently.

Dor Ras Asrat : Consequence : having important effects or influence. "Decisions of great consequence are made by the president himself"

Be Ikhtiari : Unfitness : lacking the power to perform.

Sochnay Ki Baat : Condition : information that should be kept in mind when making a decision. "Another consideration is the time it would take"

Shart : Condition : an assumption on which rests the validity or effect of something else.

Nukat : Condition : (usually plural) a statement of what is required as part of an agreement. "The contract set out the conditions of the lease"

Nateeja : Consequence : the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.

Asr : Consequence : a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon. "The magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"

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