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Metallurgical Engineer Meaning in Urdu

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1. Metallurgical Engineer - Metallurgist : دھات صاف کرنے والا ماہر : (noun) an engineer trained in the extraction and refining and alloying and fabrication of metals.

Applied Scientist, Engineer, Technologist - a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.

Related Words

Metallic : دھاتی : a fabric made of a yarn that is partly or entirely of metal.

Metallurgy : فلزیات : the science and technology of metals.

Useful Words

Applied Scientist - Engineer - Technologist : ماہر فنیات : a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. "Some became Doctors, some became Engineers"

Extraction : نکالنے کا عمل : the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means.

Fable - Fabrication - Fiction : جعلسازی : a deliberately false or improbable account.

Metal - Metallic Element : دھات : any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc..

Purification - Refinement - Refining : پاک کرنے کا عمل : the process of removing impurities (as from oil or metals or sugar etc.).

Trained : تربیت یافتہ : shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form. "A trained mind"

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