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Milk Vetch meaning in Urdu

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1) Milk Vetch, Milk-Vetch : دودھ بڑھانے والا پودا : (noun) any of various plants of the genus Astragalus.


Useful Words

Grass Vetch : یورپی پودا , Genus Hippocrepis : پھولدار پودا , Buttermilk : لسی , Whey : دودھ دہی کا پانی , Milch : دودھ دینے والی , Lactic : دودھ سے متعلق , Skim : بالائی اترا ہوا , Dry : وہ گائے جو دودھ نا دیتی ہو , Milkman : گوالا , Dried Milk : خشک دودھ , Skim Milk : بالائی اترا دودھ , Sillabub : مشروب کا رس , Condensed Milk : گاڑھا کیا ہوا دودھ , Bottle-Fed : بوتل سے پینے والا , Dairy Cattle : گاۓ جنھیں دودھ کے کاروبار کے لیے پالا جاتا ہے , Lactating : دودھ دینے والی , Clabber : پھٹا دودھ , Milk Pail : دودھ کی بالٹی , Cream : ملائی , Milk : مادہ جانوروں سے دودھ لینا , Lactalbumin : زیادہ آسانی سے ہضم ہونے والے دودھ کے دو پروٹین , Milklike : دودھ کی طرح , White : کوفی , Curd : گاڑھا دودھ , Cafe Au Lait : دودھ ملی کافی , Lactation : چھاتی سے بچے کو دودھ پلانے کا عرصہ , Yoghourt : دہی , Bechamel : سفید چٹنی , Hershey Bar : چاکلیٹ , Curd : کھویا , Lobster Stew : چکور کٹا ہوا کیکڑا

Useful Words Definitions

Grass Vetch: annual European vetch with red flowers.

Genus Hippocrepis: species of Old World herbs or subshrubs: horseshoe vetch.

Buttermilk: residue from making butter from sour raw milk; or pasteurized milk curdled by adding a culture.

Whey: watery part of milk produced when raw milk sours and coagulates.

Milch: giving milk; bred or suitable primarily for milk production.

Lactic: of or relating to or obtained from milk (especially sour milk or whey).

Skim: used of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed.

Dry: not producing milk.

Milkman: someone who delivers milk.

Dried Milk: dehydrated milk.

Skim Milk: milk from which the cream has been skimmed.

Sillabub: spiced hot milk with rum or wine.

Condensed Milk: sweetened evaporated milk.

Bottle-Fed: (of an infant) given milk from a bottle.

Dairy Cattle: cattle that are reared for their milk.

Lactating: producing or secreting milk.

Clabber: raw milk that has soured and thickened.

Milk Pail: A pail for holding milk.

Cream: the part of milk containing the butterfat.

Milk: take milk from female mammals.

Lactalbumin: albumin occurring in milk.

Milklike: resembling milk in color not clear.

White: (of coffee) having cream or milk added.

Curd: coagulated milk; used to make cheese.

Cafe Au Lait: equal parts of coffee and hot milk.

Lactation: the period following birth during which milk is secreted.

Yoghourt: a custard-like food made from curdled milk.

Bechamel: milk thickened with a butter and flour roux.

Hershey Bar: a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company.

Curd: a coagulated liquid resembling milk curd.

Lobster Stew: diced lobster meat in milk or cream.

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