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Misbehave   Meaning in Urdu

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1. Misbehave - Misconduct - Misdemean : بد تمیزی کرنا : (verb) behave badly.

When did I misbehave?
You misbehave a lot.+ More

Act, Move - perform an action, or work out or perform (an action).

Related Words

Misbehavior - Misbehaviour - Misdeed : بدکاری کرنا : improper or wicked or immoral behavior. "Every misdeed always has a bad consequence"

Bastardly - Misbegot - Misbegotten - Spurious : ناجائز اولاد : born out of wedlock. "The dominions of both rulers passed away to their spurious or doubtful offspring"

Misbehave in Book Titles

Why Does My Child Misbehave.
Why children misbehave.

Useful Words

Badly - Gravely - Seriously - Severely : سخت : to a severe or serious degree. "Fingers so badly frozen they had to be amputated"

Act - Behave - Do : پیش آنا : behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself. "You should act like an adult"

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