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Mix 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Mix in Sentences

Both got mixed. A gradual mixture of cultures.

Mix Synonyms

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Mix in Detail

1. ملانا Milana, ملنا Milna : Blend, Coalesce, Combine, Commingle, Conflate, Flux, Fuse, Immix, Meld, Merge, Mix : (verb) mix together different elements.

Both got mixed.

Related : Absorb : cause to become one with. Accrete : grow together (of plants and organs).

2. ملنا Milna, ملانا Milana : Mixture, Mix : (noun) an event that combines things in a mixture.

A gradual mixture of cultures.

Related : Combining : an occurrence that results in things being united. Blend : an occurrence of thorough mixing.

3. نسلی علیحدگی ختم کرنا Nasli Alehdgi Khatam Karna : Desegregate, Integrate, Mix : (verb) open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups.

4. ملاپ Milaap : Admixture, Commixture, Intermixture, Mixing, Mixture, Mix : (noun) the act of mixing together.

Paste made by a mix of flour and water.
The mixing of sound channels in the recording studio.

Related : Compounding : the act of combining things to form a new whole.

5. ملانا Milana, انضمام Inzamam, باہم ملانا Baham Milana : Amalgamate, Commix, Mingle, Unify, Mix : (verb) to bring or combine together or with something else.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. Combine : gather in a mass, sum, or whole.

6. گڈ مڈ کرنا Good Mda Karna : Ruffle, Shuffle, Mix : (verb) mix so as to make a random order or arrangement.

Mix in Book Titles

Mixing it: Diversity in World War Two Britain.
The Mixing of Rubber.
Mixing of Vulcanisable Rubbers and Thermoplastic Elastomers.

Useful Words

Combine - Unite : یکجا کرنا Yakja Karna : have or possess in combination. "She unites charm with a good business sense"

Different : مختلف Mukhtalif : unlike in nature or quality or form or degree. "Took different approaches to the problem"

Component - Constituent - Element - Factor - Ingredient : جز Juz : an abstract part of something. "Jealousy was a component of his character"

Event : واقع Waqe : something that happens at a given place and time.

Concoction - Intermixture - Mixture : آمیزہ Aamiza : any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients. "He volunteered to taste her latest concoction"

Thing : بات Baat : a statement regarded as an object. "Do I say one thing?"

Together : اکٹھے Ek Dusray Kay Sath : in each other`s company. "Can we have dinner together?"

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