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More Or Less meaning in Urdu

More Or Less Sentence

More or less forty people came.

More Or Less Synonyms

More Or Less in Detail

1 of 2) More Or Less, About, Approximately, Around, Close To, Just About, Or So, Roughly, Some : تقریباً, لگ بھگ, کم و بیش : (adverb) (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct.

Holds 3 gallons, more or less.


2 of 2) More Or Less, Slightly, Somewhat : کچھ کچھ, تھوڑا بہت : (adverb) to a small degree or extent.

Useful Words

Ample, Sizable, Sizeable : وسیع : fairly large. "A sizable fortune".

Significant, Substantial : خاصی مقدار : fairly large. "Won by a substantial margin".

Indifferent : معمولی : fairly poor to not very good. "Has an indifferent singing voice".

Pour Forth, Shed, Spill : بہانا : pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities. "Shed tears".

Holocene, Holocene Epoch, Recent, Recent Epoch : پچھلے دس ہزار سال : approximately the last 10,000 years. "The current period of geologic time is the Holocene Epoch".

Age Of Mammals, Cenozoic, Cenozoic Era : قدیم دور : approximately the last 63 million years.

Age Bracket, Age Group, Cohort : ہم عمر لوگوں کا گروپ : a group of people having approximately the same age. "A cohort of goverment servants".

Coevals, Contemporaries, Generation : نسل : all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age. "This generation started believing social media life what is real".

Month : تیس دن : a time unit of approximately 30 days. "He was given a month to pay the bill".

Wholesale : بڑی تعداد میں فروخت کرنا : sell in large quantities.

A Great Deal, Much, Often : متعدد بار : frequently or in great quantities. "I don't drink much".

Rationalise, Rationalize : بے منطقی چیزیں نکالنا : remove irrational quantities from. "This function can be rationalized".

Calorimetry : حرارہ پیمائی : measurement of quantities of heat.

Approximate, Approximative, Rough : تقریباً : not quite exact or correct. "The approximate time was 10 o`clock".

Misapprehension, Mistake, Misunderstanding : غلط فہمی : an understanding of something that is not correct. "You have a misunderstanding".

Correct, Rectify, Right : درست کرنا : make right or correct. "Correct her mistakes".

Correctitude, Properness, Propriety : مناسب طرز عمل : correct or appropriate behavior.

Amiss, Awry : غلط : away from the correct or expected course. "Something has gone awry in our plans".

Center, Centre, Eye, Heart, Middle : مرکزی علاقہ : an area that is approximately central within some larger region. "It is in the center of town".

Li : ناپنے کا ایک چینی پیمانہ : Chinese distance measure; approximately 0.5 kilometers.

Scant, Skimp, Stint : کنجوسی کرنا : supply sparingly and with restricted quantities. "Sting with the allowance".

Adverse Opinion : اختلافی رائے : an opinion concerning financial statements (usually based on an audit by a CPA) that the statements as a whole do not present results fairly or are not in conformity with the generally accepted accounting practices of the United States.

Chasten, Subdue, Tame : سدھارنا : correct by punishment or discipline.

Inappropriate, Incompatible, Out Or Keeping, Unfitting : غیر مناسب : not in keeping with what is correct or proper. "Completely inappropriate behavior".

Tested, Tried, Well-Tried : ثابت شدہ : tested and proved useful or correct. "A tested method".

Mannerly, Well-Mannered : شائستہ : socially correct in behavior.

Correct, Right : سچا : correct in opinion or judgment. "Time proved him right".

Protocol : ضابطہ اخلاق : code of correct conduct. "Safety protocol is must in factory".

Pood : کچھ پونڈوں کے برابر روسی وزن : a Russian unit of weight equal to approximately 36 pounds.

Social Drinker, Tippler : شرابی : someone who drinks liquor repeatedly in small quantities.

Exudate, Exude, Ooze, Ooze Out, Transude : قطرے بن کر نکلنا : release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities. "Exudate fluid in lungs".

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