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Mosam Baahar Ka : موسم بہار کا

1. Vernal : بہاری - موسم بہار کا : (adjective) of or characteristic of or occurring in spring.

Chalaang, Uchakna : Spring : a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards.

Spring : Spring : a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed. "The spring was broken"

Imtiaz : Characteristic : a distinguishing quality.

Lachk : Spring : the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length.

Khasosiyat : Characteristic : a prominent attribute or aspect of something. "The map showed roads and other features"

Chashma : Spring : a point at which water issues forth.

Chashma, Jharna : Spring : a natural flow of ground water.

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