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Force : زبردستی کرنا , Solicit : ورغلانا , Motivated : متحرک , Spur : شروع کرنا , Suborn : غیر قانونی کام پر آمادہ کرنا , Motivating : ترغیب , Moral Hazard : بیمہ دار کی ممکنہ بد دیانتی پر مبنی بیمہ کمپنی کو خطرہ , List : فہرست بنانا , Preparation : تیاری , Abomination : قابل نفرت عمل , Meander : موڑنا , Motivation : مقصد , Interjection : ملاوٹ , Counteraction : توڑ , Allow : دینا , Action Replay : فوری جواب , Bustle : حرکت کرنا , Agitate : ہلانا , Shuffle : ادھر ادھر حرکت کرنا , Countermeasure : جوابی اقدام , Act : کام کرنا , Allot : دینا , Furnish : مہیا کرنا , Entitle : حق دینا , Break : چھوڑ دینا , Generate : دینا , Bestow : انعام کے طور پر دینا , Betray : مخبری کرنا , Farrow : پیدا ہونا , Cough Up : نارضامندی سے دینا , Aliment : خوراک دینا

Useful Words Definitions

Force: urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate.

Solicit: incite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination.

Motivated: provided with a motive or given incentive for action.

Spur: incite or stimulate.

Suborn: incite to commit a crime or an evil deed.

Motivating: the act of motivating; providing incentive.

Moral Hazard: (economics) the lack of any incentive to guard against a risk when you are protected against it (as by insurance).

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

Preparation: the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action).

Abomination: an action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence.

Meander: to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course.

Motivation: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.

Interjection: the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts.

Counteraction: action intended to nullify the effects of some previous action.

Allow: make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen.

Action Replay: the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape.

Bustle: move or cause to move energetically or busily.

Agitate: move or cause to move back and forth.

Shuffle: move about, move back and forth.

Countermeasure: an action taken to offset another action.

Act: perform an action, or work out or perform (an action).

Allot: give out.

Furnish: give something useful or necessary to.

Entitle: give the right to.

Break: give up.

Generate: give or supply.

Bestow: give as a gift.

Betray: give away information about somebody.

Farrow: give birth.

Cough Up: give reluctantly.

Aliment: give nourishment to.

Related Words

Affect : متاثر ہونا

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