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محتاط : Muhtat Meaning in English


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1 of 10. Argus-Eyed Open-Eyed Vigilant Wakeful : محتاط Muhtat چونکنا Chunkna خبردار Khbrdar : carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger.

Related : Watchful


2 of 10. Careful : محتاط Muhtat : (adjective) exercising caution or showing care or attention.

Related : Carefulness Blow-By-Blow Close

3 of 10. Cautious : محتاط Muhtat : (adjective) showing careful forethought.

Related : Careful Chary Gingerly

4 of 10. Cagey Cagy Chary : ہوشیار Hosheyar محتاط Muhtat : characterized by great caution and wariness.

Related : Cautious

6 of 10. Meticulous Punctilious : باریک بین Bareek Bain محتاط Muhtat : marked by precise accordance with details.

Related : Precise

7 of 10. Circumspect Discreet : محتاط Muhtat ہوشمند Hoshmand : heedful of potential consequences.

Related : Prudent

8 of 10. Aware Mindful : با خبر Ba Khabar ہوشیار Hosheyar محتاط Muhtat : (adjective) bearing in mind; attentive to.

Related : Mindfulness Heedful Resonant

9 of 10. Meticulous : محتاط Muhtat بے انتہا محتاط Be Inteha Muhtat : marked by extreme care in treatment of details.

10 of 10. Cautious Conservative : محتاط Muhtat : avoiding excess.

Related : Moderate

Useful Words

Mumkin : Possible : something that can be done. "How is this possible?"

Muhafiz Rakhwala Tehqeeq Karnay ... Nagran Shakhs Pherah Dena Pahray Dar : Lookout : a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event.

Khatra : Danger : the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury. "You are in no danger"

Mumkinha : Possible : existing in possibility. "A potential problem"