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1 of 2. خاموش Khamosh چپ Chup : Silent Mum : failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to.

Related : Uncommunicative


2 of 2. ماں Ma امی Ammi اماں Amma : Ma Mama Mamma Mammy Mom Momma Mommy Mummy Mum : (noun) informal terms for a mother.

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Mum in Book Titles

The Mummy: Chapters on Egyptian Funereal Archaeology.
The Mummy: Or Another Great Use for Toilet Paper.
The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy.

Useful Words

Communicate Pass Pass Along Pass On Put Across : اطلاع دینا Ettela Dena : transmit information ahead. "Please communicate this message to all students"

Failing Weakness : کمزور نقطہ Kamzor Nuqta : a flaw or weak point. "He was quick to point out his wife`s failings"

Informal : غیر رسمی Ghair Rasmi : not formal. "Conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress"

Female Parent Mother : ماں Ma : a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother). "Don`t you have mother and sister ?"

Speak Talk : بات کرنا Baat Karna : exchange thoughts; talk with. "Make me talk to Imran"

Term : اصطلاح Istalah : a word or expression used for some particular thing. "He learned many medical terms"

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