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2 of 2) Parent : باپ یا ماں : (noun) a father or mother; one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; a relative who plays the role of guardian.

Useful Words

Parricide : اپنے والدین کو قتل کرنے والا , Parentage : والد یا والدہ کا تعلق , Half Sister : سوتیلی بہن , Half Brother : سوتیلا بھائی , Grandparent : آپ کے ماں باپ کے والدین , Maternal : مادری , Mulatto : کالی سفید نسل کے والدین کی اولاد , Splinter Group : ٹوٹا ہوا گروہ , Dam : مادہ جانور , Foster Mother : منہ بولی ماں , Begetter : ابا , Direct : آبائی , Bonding : تعلق , Larva : کیڑے کا بچہ , Emancipation : رہائی , Collect : ایک ساتھ لانا , Initiate : شروع ہونا , Bear : دینا , Amalgamate : ملانا , Come Up : جمع کرنا , Ground : زمین پر لانا , End : ختم کرنا , Bring : لادینا , Conciliator : مصالحت کرانے والا , Bring Through : بچا لینا , Come Up : ساتھ لانا , Create : وجود میں لانا , Compass : انجام دینا , Cradle : پالنا , Complete : ختم کرنا , Bring Forth : پیدا کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Parricide: someone who kills his or her parent.

Parentage: the state of being a parent.

Half Sister: a sister who has only one parent in common with you.

Half Brother: a brother who has only one parent in common with you.

Grandparent: a parent of your father or mother.

Maternal: relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.

Mulatto: an offspring of a black and a white parent.

Splinter Group: a faction or sect that has broken away from its parent organization.

Dam: female parent of an animal especially domestic livestock.

Foster Mother: a woman who is a foster parent and raises another`s child.

Begetter: a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father).

Direct: in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child.

Bonding: a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child).

Larva: the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose.

Emancipation: freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

Collect: get or bring together.

Initiate: bring into being.

Bear: bring forth,.

Amalgamate: to bring or combine together or with something else.

Come Up: gather or bring together.

Ground: bring to the ground.

End: bring to an end or halt.

Bring: go or come after and bring or take back.

Conciliator: someone who tries to bring peace.

Bring Through: bring into safety.

Come Up: bring forth, usually something desirable.

Create: bring into existence.

Compass: bring about; accomplish.

Cradle: bring up from infancy.

Complete: come or bring to a finish or an end.

Bring Forth: bring into existence.

Related Words

Family : بیوی بچے , Adopter : لے پالو , Genitor : والد والدہ , Female Parent : ماں , Fledge : اڑنے کے قابل ہونے تک پالنا , Grow Up : بڑا ہونا